How can I easily monitor my symptoms?

I've got two charts going now. One is hourly to record my motor fluctuation and one is daily to record other symptoms, amount of exercise etc. I have these on my laptop. The problem is, if i'm not working on my laptop I don't fill in my chart and even though I think I'll remember later I often don't. Has anyone found an app that could be put on a phone for this purpose? Or any other ideas?

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  • the nurse keeps asking me to keep a record or diary . I have tried but My husband is so different I get lost . really difficult to monitor .

  • I agree it isn't easy. But I think it is worth the effort so we know how to make adjustments.

  • I-Phone--Michael J. Fox Foundation is doing research with them and they are free to participants!

  • Thanks . Is it available for people who are not taking part in a study?

  • Sorry-not sure-you can email them and ask.

  • Good idea. I'll try that.

  • There is an app on phone - Parkinson's

    Diary. Keeps times when you take meds, eat, exercise, how you're feeling (off/on). I take meds every 1 1/2 hrs, so it helps me keep track of times.

  • Thanks alcv. This sounds ideal. I've tried to download it but no success so far. I'll get someone to help me.

  • To measure your movement speed you can do the side-to-side tap test, which counts the number of time you can type q followed by p in a fixed time, while using just one finger. This can be run online at:

    If you find this useful, you can navigate to PDMeasure which runs a version of the program that stores your results.

    The disadvantage of this approach is that it requires your involvement. To avoid this, many recent methods have used accelerometers found in tablets and smart phones. This works well for measuring tremors, but not so well at measuring bradykinesia.

    I've found that in the 10 years since diagnosis the progression of the disease has been best monitored by noticing new symptoms developing, such as drooling.


  • Thanks John. It's good know what is available.

  • I tried that finger tapping exercise. I had no idea it was so challenging. Maybe it is something that will improve with practice.

  • Yes, you do improve with practice - for perhaps the first 10 times. This learning effect needs to be taken into account.

    One use of this measurement is to measure the effect of your medication. Take a reading while "off" and later while "on".


  • Are you tracking your victories or your symptoms?

    As for me I keep log, but only write on Tues & Fridays. I put in outlook and set it up as a recurring task.

  • Landman, thanks for the suggestion. Twice a week is probably more realistic. Hope we all get lots of victories to track!

  • Most programmes on your PC now have mobile compatible software.Difficult if your trying to cross platforms ie using apple platform on one and microsoft on another.Are you recordings for your own purpose or as part of a study,If its for personal use.What are your measures and how are recordings illustrated.

  • I just thought it would be easier to record on a phone since I carry it around . I try to record my motor fluctuations on an hourly basis in order to determine the effectivess of my present med schedule.

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