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When In Doubt Exercise

So much is written here on the forum on exercise so some of you could be interested in this podcast. You can enrol for a reminder or just listen. It is by the same organisation as John Pepper often quotes. The world Parkinson Coalition - Portland Countdown Podcasts

The topic for the third podcast is :

When in doubt: Exercise!

Everyone tells patients to get plenty of exercise. Neurologists seem to be saying that the amount of exercise you get is as important as the pills you take. Why? What does the research tell us? And what exercise is best?

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The link doesn't seem to work for me.

Check out LSVT BIG for a type of exercise/physio/ neuroplasty


Thank you Hikoi

The link works now

What a great website , I signed up for the notices. It looks like I now have a new source of information and more reading to do .

Thanks again


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Hikoi; Good Morning!!

I hope your morning is greeting you with hope and peace!

I am convinced exercise is the way to go along with meds.

Yesterday I tried out power walking. I did great, and felt so good afterwards!

Then to top it off, my neighbor found a 'cycle stepper' under his BBQ. Go figure!!

I would encourage anyone who wants to power walk,to start out slowly.

Blessings for a kind day!

Hugs, Eva



Hi Eva, I too am totally convinced it's meds and exercise as well.

hope you will be listening to the podcast I have posted. It is put on by WPC the organisation that was influential in getting John P into walking and he regularly quotes.

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I just listened to the first podcast, and found it very interesting and informative.

I am looking forward to the one on exercise!!

Thanks Hikoi:)

Hugs, Eva

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Agree, it is a tough podcast to get to......finally got an audio presentation of a discussion with Dave Iverson and Jon Palfreman, what is exceptional is that they are both PwP. The Portland Countdown refers to the upcoming 4th World Parkinson Congress in Portland in 2016. The guest Andrew Lees MD is a breath of fresh air.....I recommend all to listen to their Discussion.

The podcast "When in doubt exercise" is the 3rd in the series and won't be available until August 4th.

Andrew, addresses several issues which are important. For example, these days there are a ton of symptoms associated with PD, besides Tremor and Gait. There is no doubt that people who have classical tremor and gait symptoms sometimes develop dementia. Just because they have the classical PD symptoms and dementia, in no way indicates that the dementia is related to the Parkinson's Disease itself. Dementia has other causes.

He points out that often Researchers get to invested in their hypothesis they are researching. This focus may cause them to miss the obvious. The point he is clarifying is that research hypothesis are untrue until proven. He points out that although alpha synucleon is everywhere, it has not been shown in any research that it is a causative factor in PD!

I am BillDavid, will add my personal thoughts. President Eisenhower warned of the 'Military Industrial Complex." Seems to me that Andrew is describing a "Parkinson's Disease Synucleon Complex". How likely is the massive effort put into this cinplex going to make any difference in PwP whom is alive today? Got to be very remote.

Read Chapter 7, A Device That Resets the Brain, Stimulating Neuromodulation to Reverse Symptoms, in Norman Doidge MD's new book The Brain's Way of Healing.

Tells about the PoNS a non invasive device fully developed by a group at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Could be administered by a Physical Therapist (don't need Doctors Involved). Will reverse gait symptoms, I could WALK AGAIN. Do the Movement Specialist Complex, care if I walk again? Safe, not invasive, works, inexpensive to administer (no Doctors needed)...........seems to me PwP will be about as likely in this life time from using a PoNS as benefiting from current Syn Nucleon research. Seems the only folks benefitting from Synucleon research is the Complex.

I have made clear my concerns. I am just one PwP.

Be curious to hear about your view of the discussion on the Podcast.


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You refer to a Pons machine which sounds interesting BillD. is it still in the trial phase as in this 2013 article. Can we buy it yet? I'm not convinced until I read and hear more - tongue stimulation for movement, novel.


Hi Hikoi. I don't know of the above organisation, which you say I quite so often. I may not know that name but maybe I quote some other name like the Northwest Parkinson's Foundation. I'm not trying to put you on the spot, just a little confused myself.

I get the reminders about the monthly podcast but do not know how they work and do not fancy staying up till 10pm as I get up between 4 and 5am. My days are very long.

Can you help me to take part, if I can stay awake?

Kind regards




Apologies if I wasn't clear. I was referring to the World Parkinson Congress (coalition) as the organisation you quote.

The podcasts will be on line after they are broadcast and do not have to be listened to live. If you want to listen and have trouble do let me know and I will get the link.


Hi Hikoi. I would appreciate this information. Many thanks to you.



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