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Unable to swallow food

I did post when this happened to me for the first time some time ago. I was eating a Chinese takeaway with my husband, daughter and granddaughter. We had just started our meal when I could not swallow. The food in my mouth just would not move. It seemed to start when I had hiccups. These could not come up and the food would not go down. I tried drinking water, but this seemed to make things worse. I felt fine. I was not breathless - I just could not swallow. After a few minutes, things eased and I was able to get rid of the food, which was mostly rice. I was wondering whether this had happened to anyone else? I am not convinced that this was a Parkinsons problem. I have just been diagnosed with a hyper thyroid problem. I will keep away from Chinese takeaways for now,

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Answers to Your last post on this may provide some answers Court. Swallowing problems are common in PD. But it may be worth checking whether the takeaway shop uses MSG. To be avoided.


my husband and daughter both have had the experience you describe but each,gas a different diagnosis. My husband has Parkinson symptoms and t therefore has been diagnosed with non tpical Parkinsons (no tremors). Daughter diagnosed with my myositis, a muscle autoimmune disease that took 14 years to duagnose. Because they are both muscle rekated, both can create swallowing problems. Husband on mostly liquid diet. Daughter's illness managed by prednisone. Any chronic muscle disorder can affect all muscles in the body.


dx 11 years ago DBS 4 years ago speech / volume / alliteration / and swallowing becoming move evident as of recent. Probably a trip to the programmers may help some of the progressions.....


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