I'm new to this site and happy to have found it. I was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago with difficulty typing and writing in my right hand and was having difficulty playing the drums as I have for years. I discovered John peppers book reversing Parkinson's and have embarked on a Health journey which includes daily exercise at least six days a week MAO be inhibitors, and a modified ketogenic diet. No one can tell that I have PD. I was 55 years old when diagnosed so I guess that qualifies as young onset PD

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  • I exercise. I do not see results nor do I share your opinion

  • My neurologist credits the exercise and Mao b inhibitor working together. I also credit a positive frame of mind

  • I just started on the inhibitor azilect and it gives me dyskenetia

  • At 2.5 years no one could tell i had PD either, not unusual unless you have a very aggressve form or take no medication.

  • I had symptoms 5 years before diagnosis

  • Yes I can positively date symptoms 8 years before diagnosis when I attended physio for shoulder pain and generally it is thought 10 years or more for most people. By the time we are diagnosed we have lost about 70% of our functioning neurons I believe.

  • JohnPepper "It took me ten years of exercising and all the other things I have mentioned here before I got to the stage where nobody would ever know that I have Pd."

    Rscott "I have followed your advice for 2 1/2 years now and my neurologist is pretty impressed with the results. ...No one can tell that I have PD."

  • you are right about the exercising because I have not been able to exercise due to having a hysterectomy 7 weeks ago and I just feel everything has doubled in symptoms. Plus my movement specialist is having me try over the weekend inhibitor Azilect. Not really working but how long would it take normally to work, does any know

  • Hi Rscott, I trust you are on the right path. No one loses function overnight unless they have a stroke. So if you use your body every day to some degree it will keep functioning. And of course a positive frame of mind rules!

  • I agree 100%

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