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Swollen feet

Swollen feet

Hi. I have posted here. before about my husband, and his Parkinson's,

And the rapid deterioration, in the last six months, loss of weight,and loss of interest, in all that he used to do..he has only slight tremor, of his right hand, but he has dsykensia

In his back, and walks, very badly, has frequent falls, also,.

Although he is due for physio, it's hard to get him doing follow up at home, I'm sure he would be in less pain, if he built his muscles up. Which his nurse has told him.

He is on a high calorie diet, supplements also complain twice a day,

But as others have said, it's not Easy if he does not want to do it..

His latest problem is badly swollen feet, .. I'm having problems getting socks and shoes on him.. He says his feet feel heavy, .like lead boots..

I'm going to try and get an app with our GP,

As I'm not sure this is a part of PD syndrome ,

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Making an appointment is a good idea. Please do not blame everything on PD. If his feet and legs are swollen, he could have a heart problem. Let us know what the doctor says.

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Hi ,

Well took hubby to GP , and as expected says his swollen feet, are due to inactivity.. And needs to raise when sitting, Ordered a dopplar test, and probably support hose,.im not that sure about his diagnosis, as his feet are more swollen in the morning, ..

I would imagine they would be less swollen after lying horizontal in bed,,

My feet get swollen, but after a night in bed, returned to normal,

Ok this can be abandoned age issue, but, as both my husband and I both have heart issues, I have reduced kidney function.

But I'm sure the GP should refer him to a cardiologist, as he's not seen one for several years, after he had two stents,m he also has a pacemaker.. But has regular check ups for this..

I kid you not, our GP is so condescending ..

Thanks for listening, guys :)


push to see cardio after dopplers are done. Try having him sleep with his legs on a pillow. There are leg stretches and exercises he can do in a chair. Leg lifts and rotating ankles in a circle while legs are extended out. David Zid (possible Zyd) has a great book and video with exercises for PD people.

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good luck on the support hose.....hope you have three men to help you get them on. we were able to stop using them when meds were changed but after the fact, the PA gave me this advice about getting them on....get one of those plastic bag umbrella sleeves that they give out in the supermarket and put them on the leg first to help slide the stocking on. if you have a bed that raises the legs, use it.


oh yes, don't leave the plastic sleeves on the legs.

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Hi wifeifparky

We consulted our GP. His verdict, is inactivity..😡

Had a legs dopplar last week showing low blood supply in left leg, slightly better in right one, ... Message sent to GP.

Nurse thinks he will be prescribed compression socks !!!

Lord I can't get his socks on , and I know from past experience, that these tight socks are a nightmare to get on...I'm still of the opinion he should see a cardiologist, as he has stents and a pacemaker, .. Plus 3 previous mini strokes.. . So far in 6 years he has not has a cardiology check up..

Only the pacemaker clinic ..

I'm so angry..our GP is really a hard bloke to deal with.

So far not had any feedback from him..

I had a BP check,at the same time,, 158/108

No advice from GP yet, on how to bring it down, I already take Lopressor.

Geez I'm having a bad week, and it's only Monday.. 🙈


you are stressed and need a little time for yourself to decompress. I know you are worried about him but you will do him no good if you have a stroke. Can you change GP's or are you assigned to this one only? Can you complain about his inaction?

To apply compression socks a bit more easily, fold them in half by bringing the top edge down to the toe part. (You can put plastic bags on his feet to make them slide on easier also and then pull the bags out after they are on.) Grabbing the folded edge, slide the socks onto the lower part of his leg. Then grab the top edge of the stocking and pull it up into position. I hope this explanation is easily understood. I was taught this when I had my hip replaced. it is much easier than trying to pull it on the conventional way. I had the thigh length and was able to get them on by myself.

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I am also having problems with swollen feet. My MD says it is an aging issue with my circulation. Recommended lots of walking, (I am currently walking about 5,000 steps a day), elevating my feet whenever possible and compression hose. (I don't have any heart problems). The interesting thing to me is that my Parky leg is more swollen than the other one. Please do whatever possible to get him to move around as much as possible. My best to you.

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Check out my post elsewhere. Parkie side always seems more affected, maybe the weaker side and usually left? We go regularly to chiropractor to keep husband in alignment. I think one compensates for the weaker side by using the other, leaving the Parkie side weaker and the other side too strong. It has helped in that regard and that is all we do chiropractic for. Don always walks more evenly and is more comfortable after an adjustment.




Yes think we were more or less to,ld that this AM, from the physiotherapist .

She has given him exercises to do,

To get both sides working .. Better..

Am hoping..

As a last question, does any one here with A parter of wife or husband with PD, know of any holiday places. To my husband has limited mobility ,, would consider shirt flight to Spain, .but would require a wheelchair., ect

Thanks guys, you are all a blessing to me..😊


the airlines are great with wheelchairs. just tell them you need one and be prepared to tip the skycap but they will take you through security and directly to the seat if necessary and have someone at the other end waiting for you. we just took at trip to atlanta and the skycap met us both ways. if you use car rental, they will limo you to and from so you don't have to use the trains. check your own wheelchair through.

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We have had practically everything blamed on PD and in the sense that it drags down practically every other system in your body, I guess that's true. It is important to check all systems and keep them up.

I laughed when the dr said my husbands feet were swollen due to inactivity.

It may be the case but since we have had that problem several times with years between, I don't think so,

The first time we got him lymph massages and after the first, the swelling diminished significantly. More recently, the swelling was due to BP med given him after a stent placement. Dr cut him down to half dose which improved but then returned. They said no salt and we did that to no effect. I subbed the amino acid l-arginine for the med, the swelling went away...completely. We had used it before to regulate BP.

I not recommending what we did...just saying that there can be a variety of causes so don't take one for an answer. If your husband can't move around, there are a variety of inexpensive devices that act with pedals to give movement. It won't do as well as if he pitches in but still good.

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You seem concerned that maybe this is not wholly a PD issue. Has your doctor done bloods for potential deficiencies. If not I would urge that you ask for them to be done. Pay particular attention when results come to any figures that are borderline low and get the doctor to justify reasoning for any lack of follow up. Pep are not functioning normally, no matter what we do we are not functioning in a usual way, and we take medications that disrupt some functions in order to enhance others. So to some degree we are more at risk from other things.

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I would be phoning to get the doctor in, in the morning. This may be serious.

They have a duty of care and I think they should call to see your husband in his own home.

Take care and lots of cuddles from me xxx

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A house call? Really?


Thank you. But our GP does not make house calls,

We would normally have to wait a month for a GP app.

But I called in as an emergency ,, on Tuesday, to make sure he was seen that day..

I'm just upset and un reassured of his diagnosis ,

And apparent lack of concern..

It's an uphill fight to get any sort of referrals to the correct

Consultants. Here on the NHS..

Unless you pay to see one privately,,

All this GP suggested I put my husband in a day care centre , where he would be more inactive than at home.. ..



Morning Roseyuk,

I know it's extremely tough caring for you're loved one and good on you girl.

There are services available to to help you and your husband,

Daycare services are pretty good. This may help both of you.

Pls do not feel ashamed, get the help you and your husband both deserve it.

After all, these services have helped millions of family, so why not yours. Atleast have a think about it.

I will be thinking of you both today

Massive hugs xxx

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Hi roseyuk, This is my first reply on this forum. I don't know if your husband has been

prescribed one of the dopamine agonist, but if so, I would strongly reccommend visting the Johns Hopkins neurology and neurosurgury website and the center for Restless leg syndrome. Watch the video discussion on augmentation by Dr Christopher Early. Hope this info will help lots of PD victims.

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Swollen ankles are a common side effect with some PD meds, and the apathy and lack of motivation your husband has is very real. Sounds like you are struggling on alone to do your best for him. Are you part of a local support group? What about the PD nurse? Parkinsons UK also have helpline where you can talk to a nurse. I do hope you get the help you need and soon.


Hello Hikoi

Thank you, I did not know this, even my GP did not mention that my husbands swollen feet . Could be his meds..

One is quite a lot worse than the other. .

we do have support, from our local assessment team of nurses,

Who have been able to make life a little easier for him . Like bed rail, and grab rails..

Our PD nurse has been helpful when my husband started a rapid decline 6 months ago..

But his consultant I think, has all but lost interest, in him,now , there is not much more he can do.. His meds . Have been adjusted, to stop his dyskensea .

An affect of dopamine ..

But his overall despondency, is what worries me.. I feel I'm nagging him, when I try to get him to do the physio and speech therapy exercises .. At home,,

Which is important,. If he cannot get some muscle usage back, he will be in a wheelchair.. He's just started physio, this week.

He goes to a private day care centre , now to,

So I get a few hours of worry free time.

But there's only so much the experts can do, he has to want to

Follow through.

only time will tell.



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