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Combining Marijuana with Intense Exercise to Treat Parkinsons

I am curious as to whether others with Parkinsons use marijuana with intense exercise to help with their condition. I was diagnosed at age 61 and at 68 have experienced only a modest decline in my physical capability. My approach is as follows: In the late afternoon after work. Vaporize high grade medical marijuana (4 to 6 inhales). Then, stretch, do push ups, sit ups and perform deep breathing exercises. Then, train for 1 to 2 hours - hiking/jogging, biking, or cross country skiing. Return home, drink 1 or 2 beers, have dinner, connect with family, go to sleep. 4 X 5 times per week.

I am speculating that the combination of intense aerobic exercise with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), along with being in the "zone" or in the "now", creates an environment for a positive reaction within the cannabinoid receptors in your brain. My daily Carbidopa-Levadopa (CL) regimen is 2 x 5 per day (25-100) with 1 regular and 1 extended release. On exercise days take 2 one hour before exercise, say 3 PM, and 1 at the start of your workout at 4 PM. When I return from exercising most of the time I have no tremor or any other symptoms. I believe the beer helps also. I don't need any more CL Rx for the rest of the evening.

I realize that Parkinsons effects each of us differently. My Parkinsons began with a tremor in my right hand. Last month I experienced left foot dystonia in the morning for the first time. After a while, even before my morning Rx, I can usually work through it.

My particular approach might not work for others. But, it works well enough for me that I want to share my experience. This is my first post to a health board.

I have my annual appointment with my neurologist tomorrow. I plan to share this post with her.

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I have had PD for 6 years, and have only ever taken MOA-B inhibitors. Recently noticed a worsening in the tremors. Our symptoms sound very similar. I tried cannabis twice in cake, I'm not a smoker and didn't know how else to take it :) I expected bells and whistles, but experienced nothing, but my hand definitely shook less. I'm a little nervous to try again as I'm not sure of the quality of the cannabis. It's illegal in SA, and not available medicinally. In my opinion, what you are doing sounds marvelous, and I strongly believe exercise is a must!


You've got to do the cooking route very carefully in order for it to work. Vaporizers are popular if you have access to the THC oil. Otherwise a small bong with water really cuts down on the harshness of the smoke on the throat. The THC for me seems to stop cycles of anxiety and depression at a very small dose, not enough to stop the tremors.


The vaporizer is the way to go. If done properly there is hardly any smoke. I only use cannabis before exercising. Very small amounts, 4 to 6 inhales. No more than once a day, 4 to 5 times a week. For me, it allows you to connect with Nature and enjoy your work out.


i smoke about an 1/8 ounce a day , exercise and try to eat a balanced diet , take vitamins and i feel well; if on carbidopa/levadopa i feel like hell , i also take norco ,xanax, and celexa for pain and anxiety seems to work as well as the rx.


I am doing CBD Oil, the part of marijuana that doesn't make you high, although it does have alittle THC in it, not enough to get one high, I'ven noticed a decrease in tremors. 2cc per day, I was getting sick of all those eatables, and I was getting more dizziness... I don't like to smoke pot, they say there is more toxinxs than cigarettes although hard to believe. good luck, everyone is different in what they respond to.


Where do you get the CBD oil?


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