New Book

New Book

Although it feels like I have given birth to an elephant, I have published my book," If I Can Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, Why Can't I Brush My Teeth? Courage, Tenacity and Love Meet Parkinson's Disease", available on I had the honor of giving the keynote address at the Northwest Parkinson's Foundation Movement symposium yesterday where over 120 people, most of us with PD, gathered to learn what we can do for ourselves to control and perhaps reduce some of our PD symptoms.

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  • Ok you certainly have my attention.

    What did you learn?

    What was your speech. Do you have a copy we can read

    Is the book about the same subject

    If so , how do we get a copy.

    "What we can do for ourselves" I like dealing with people I can rely on, ME.

  • The conference was about the efficacy of exercise in living with PD. I didn't write the speech so there is not a copy I can share. I have learned that there are three elements to PD over which we have some personal control: Physical, Mental and Emotional. People who focus on only one either don't live the disease or don't understand it. Physical is exercise, plain and simple, forced exercise where you are pushing beyond your perceived limits. The best for me is cycling at 80-90 rpm for at least an hour at least three times per week, preferably more. Mental is using your brain, again pushing yourself to read, do puzzles, dance where you have to use steps that involve both sides of your brain, e.g. tango, or do tai chi. Emotional translates to engagement with others, in classes or individually or at parties. I find that the more I help other people the better I feel myself. Writing the book, writing to you are both examples of emotional engagement. My book can be bought on or, if you live in Seattle I can sell you one. I'm sorry we haven't figured out how to make an ebook yet. I think you made an important point that PwPs, everyone really, want to be as independent as possible. I hope this helps.

  • I don't know what format you want your ebook to be in but assuming you have created the original using Word then you can create a .pdf version by just selecting a "save as" option from the "File " menu.

  • Pete, How does that turn it into an ebook that can be purchased on Amazon? It was created in Word on CreateSpace.

  • Not heard of CreateSpace before. It seems much more comprehensive than anything that can be done with a .pdf file. I was only thinking of preventing unauthorised edits of your Word document as that can be done easily in .pdf files. I expect someone who knows how can circumvent such safeguards anyway.

  • CreateSpace is the publishing arm of Amazon. They're everywhere!

  • Bi soul think that Amazon could create the e book for u

  • The book is created and can be ordered either through Amazon or my website: Thanks for your help.

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