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Indian scientists develop new drug for Parkinson’s



Please see this link , a friend of mine Doctor in US Army ( Retd. col ) has sent this :

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What I found at that site was a dopamine infusion directly to the brain tried on mice. Unless I saw the wrong article.

Ramuu in reply to marion11005

Yes you are right , Nothing new, except for the blood-brain barrier penetration. Quite significant never the less

BillDavid in reply to Ramuu

Nothing new? the document reads in part...They packaged dopamine (not Ldopa!) in biodegradable nanoparticles that have been used to deliver other therapeutic drugs to the brain. The resulting nanoparticles successfully crossed the blood-brain barrier in rats, released it dopamine over several days (not new?) and reversed the rodent's movement symptoms without side effects (not new?)..... this is close to a quote, at least a paraphrase.

Without side effects! Take dopamine itself! Release over several days!

I take 25/100 Sinemet 1 1/2 tabs at 5 am, 11 am , 5 pm and 11 pm.

to manage side effects.....meanwhile moderating, not reversing I understand because not all the Ldopa I take makes it thorough blood brain barrier.

Nothing new (for you?) Unfortunately this would be new for me!


Very, very interesting??? Nice that "scientists in India discovered people with Parkinsons lack dopamine ... maybe they will soon discover the earth is round.

Ramuu in reply to racerCP

Sarcastic !! , I will take it as good humor . For your kind information Mucuna Pruriens, which is being widely used in western countries now-a-days ; It has long been (may be hundreds of years back ) used in traditional Ayurvedic Indian medicine for diseases including Parkinson's disease .

racerCP in reply to Ramuu

Mucuna Pruriens is sold in USA in an oral tablet. Is that different than the Mucuna Pruriens sold in India? Is there something done to make it available to the substantia nigra in the brain to supply the brain with dopamine? Hopefully you will respond. Thank you in advance.

Ramuu in reply to racerCP

In India Mucuna Pruriens is also sold in tablet , processed powder and raw powder forms.

Himalaya Drugs Bangalore India, sells in tablet form : available world wide on Amazon online :

Processed powder available from Zandu Ayurveda : Zandopa :

Natural Raw Mucuna Pruriens / Kapikachhu ( Indian name) , in powder form is available from many Ayurvedic outlets ; famous being from Kerala ( India), land of Ayurvedha , one that I use is from : vaidyaratnam : 5100KAPIKACHU CHOORNAM 100g ; costs Rs 69/- ( Appx USD 1.15 ) , you can buy online, world wide shipments : either from vaidyaratnam site:, or many online shopees :

I find above is more effective and natural raw form. If you need any further help, please feel free to ask

Sounds very exciting to me!

There has to be some very solid theory and experience about the nanoparticles being used to know if it will work in humans. Unlike other diseases where the effects are less measureable or take a long time to notice, they should be able to give it to a single moderately-bad case of PD and from that one case they will know if it works or not in humans. So it would be good to have a friend in India who will be able to obtain it for you about 10 years before anyone can get it inside the U.S.

I am from Bangalore (INDIA) , if any positive developments happens here in INDIA , I will share with all, who are suffering from PD and extend all possible help FREE OF COST.

Hi Ramuu !

Just seen your post from a couple years ago.......did anything new occurred from those nanoparticles ??

I have no further news on this, I will check for updates and post if any

Thank you for recollection.

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