Keep yourself Motivated against Parkinson’s disease

A wish to live happily even in troubles keeps you motivated and also gives you a reason to smile. Colleen Henderson is a PD patient but she has the control on her own personality. She did not let the disease affect her personality even her life kept on changing. She has said in this video that everyone needs an angel or hero and that an angel or a hero is right within our self.

This is a great video we have posted. Please check it out :)

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  • I only find a site that asks me to donate money when I click on this link. No video

  • Oh that's strange - i clicked on the link and went straight to the video...

  • no problem to see the video. thank you for that!

  • Hey Madzy, are you using mobile or a smartphone, because on a mobile or smart phone, you will have to click the image of the video and then it runs. If that doesn't help, please see if this link works:




  • Good on you Colleen! Lovely video, thanks for sharing.

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