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Musical abilities post DBS

I am curious if anyone has noticed a change in their musical skills. I have recently underwent DBS and it seams that my percussion skills have improved. I have played drums most of my life but only as an a amateur. Currently I don't have a drum kit but my son does so I'm planning to challenge myself on his kit instead of playing my thighs and the floor!

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A fellow drummer :-)


I am a professional musicin and music teacher. One of my earliest PD symptoms was the loss of dexterity in my hands. As the illness progressed, I had to give up a dearly beloved position as organist. By the time I had DBS surgery last November, I had quit playing even the piano. Within two days of turning on my newly embedded computer, l could play almost as well as I once did. The biggest handicap now is my eyes! I need new music reading glasses!. While I need some tweaking, I do believe this thing is having a remarkable effect on my musicianship.


Hi I am an amature double bass player. I play, or used to play jazz. Unfortunately my coordination has gone and I can no longer play the music I love. However I compensate for this by arranging jazz sessions at the club I used to play at. It's very frustrating watching the guys play and knowing I cannot join in.


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