Exercise versus resting

Exercise versus resting

Dear Parkie friends;

I have a question.

I wake up in the morning and sometimes I feel tired to the bone and my eyes feel heavy.

Do I go out for a walk or do I sleep some more?

Hugs and love from Eva G.

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  • Go for the walk.

    After the first 5 minutes you will know if you made the right decision. If you made a huge mistake (freezing rain ) turn around and go back to bed. More likely you will be glad you walked and feel better for it all day. You will see more apple blossoms on a walk than you will in bed. If after the walk...........

    Best regards

  • Dear GymBag;

    Thanks :)

  • sleep some more

  • Hi Eva. I am not a doctor but I have had Pd for over 51 years. I have found that I just have to get out there and walk. I walk as fast as I am able and within 10 minutes that lethargic feeling has gone and I am back to my old self.

    Try it! It works! Good Luck!


  • O good John is still here. Do you think exercise might help PD? John

    hehehehhe 8D

  • Most certain go for a walk. It will energise you and you will feel all the much better. Or try yoga which I have found most motivating. Good luck.

  • Definitely go for a walk / longer walk then have a snooze after your walk if necessary.

  • Personally I would go for a sleep and then a walk to wake myself up. The extra sleep will be of benefit throughout the rest of the day while the walk has a quick benefit that may wear off if you need more sleep. Works for me!

  • Drink a double-dose of coffee (better for PD than water) then go for a long walk or some other aerobic exercise, as long as your body can take everyday without an injury like knee and foot pains. I do not function at all until I get moving for the day. Make it fun in some way so you will be consistent. Actually, everyone should do this, up to an hour per day, or 30 minutes twice a day, or 15 minutes 4 times a day, but 1 hour in at least one of these sessions at least once a week.

  • I have a little exer-bike (it pedals by itself) that I get on for 45 minutes when I wake up while I check e-mail and such - helps with stiffness and then I"m ready for walking!

  • I have one as well and it helps me get moving at night and in the morning when I a sleepy

  • I like to cycle. It's the one time during the day I can forget I even have pd.

  • What type of bike do you have

  • What type of bike do you have

  • Definitely go for a walk...if you u are near beach all the better. It helps loosen up your legs. All the best and keep moving

  • Your very good question deserves a very good answer and I'm guessing over say, a considerable response it would be about equal in the response (eg.52% to 48%). What I am saying is probably isn't a defining answer to your question; it depends on each person's situation and even then their status might alter over a given period. Per example, if I answered your poser 3 weeks ago, I would have said sleep well (not extra sleep, but your normal sleep pattern and take a just hard enough to open the lungs and exercise those huge leg muscles. Why my change? Well alas about 3-4 weeks ago my leg muscles (right out the blue), simply refused to work at the top step; I fell backwards and rolled/tumbled to the bottom step, landing and very heavily bruising my derriere and hip (and also my ego!) Thanks Stargate.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh

  • I don't get you!!!???

  • How much sleep are you getting? Or how well are you sleeping? These may be things to consider when you decide whether you reallly need to go back to bed. I always make sure I go at least a 10 minute run on my stationary bike in the morning. After that if I really need a nap, I can go back to bed without feelilng guilty.

  • Dear Joanne;

    I downloaded an app on my iPhone that measures how much quality sleep you get. Now I am discovering I do not get nearly enough. So I am aiming at getting to bed earlier, like 10 pm.

    You enjoy your day, and thank you.

    Love and hugs, Eva


  • Please go for walking everyday without fail ; 30 Min during morning & evening; specially facing Sun rise in the morning and Sun set during evening. This will give you natural vitamin D , which is essential for PD patients . But please make sure to sleep well in the night , go early to bed and get up early , you will feel much better throughout the day. Before going for walking try out for 10 to 15 Min free exercise viz; side stretches, arm rotation, leg swinging, wrist rotation, trunk, knee, shoulder rotation. ....

    May God give you strength, Good Luck !!

  • Beloved Friends at HealthUnlocked;

    I am in awe of you many wonderful and helpful responses to my question about

    sleep and exercies!!

    I will be putting a lot of it to use. I am also working with Big Movement, and let me tell

    you what a wonderful program is!! I used it one time and I am using it again this morning. On YouTube check out lsvt big exercises.I love doing it, and it is already, after one day, training my brain to not be dizzy :)

    Again thanks for everything. You are all the best :)

    Hugs and love from Eva G/

  • If you are well enough and able to walk, then walk. Before I retired, even though it was sometimes a struggle, I would take the stairs to third floor. Others would ask, "why don't you take the elevator with us"? My reply would always be, "I take the stairs because I CAN".

  • Walking is good, pace yourself. If you attend a yoga class, please ensure the teacher knows enough about your medical condition, medication and side effects. Please avoid 'sit-ups and press-ups'. Your arms may feel week, avoid 'cat pose'. Try wall press, If you have had DBS,please do not raise your arms over your head, avoid positions that make you feel nauseous or dizzy, head should not be below the heart, avoid bending over such as forward folds. Do not practice alternate nostril breathing if you suffer from headaches/migraine. Do not hold your breath. Be aware of your breathing, yes, Check your posture, stand against the wall, this will help. With Parkinson's. there is the tendency to bend over. Be sure to have a chair near you or stand near the wall for balances. Avoid classic tree pose, damage can be done to the knees. If you are at risk of osteoporosis, please check osteoporosis America. A good teacher will know of the risks. If you take warfarin please en sure your teacher knows the risks,

    I hope the info is useful.

  • Thank you Vivante!!

    Would you also tell me what I can do please?

    Enjoy your day :)

    Hugs and love from Eva


  • Please do not lie in bed, regardless of how you feel. There is always something you can do, sit quietly at the side of your bed, look out of your window and be aware of the openness of the sky. If there is a country scene near you, spend a little time being aware of the colours and the beauty of the new blossoms on the trees. Rinse your face with cool water. Rinse your mouth with warm, salt water, don't swallow it, spit the liquid out. Take time to take a walk, stop a while, be aware of the beauty all around you, and there is beauty there. Now is the time the birds build their nests, watch the birds.

    Keep well and give yourself time to think, time to feel and time to enjoy.

  • Dear Vivante;

    Thank you so much!!This I can do:)

    I need to slow down for sure, since I went as a whirlwind before PD.

    How is your day going?

    Mine is good. The only thing I deal with this morning is a little dizziness.

    I intend to remain very conscious of myself, including symptoms.

    Much love and many hugs to you!!

    Eva G


  • Thank you for your kind words. My day has been good. I don't have Parkinsons disease, I have taught people with that condition. My son has Dystonia, he was treated badly in two hospitals, finally he went to a hospital in London where he had deep brain stimulation. He was there for 11 weeks. He is slowly recovering. We know there is no cure but it can be managed.

    We look out at the garden an d the daffodils are almost finished now, There is still so much wonder looking at the green and gold.

    The fish in the pond are coming up to the surface now, looking for food. The doves come up the path, look up at the window, it's feeding time. The robin comes so close now, the way he is, he may land on our hand..

    Take time to smell the flowers, as they say.

    You can do it, there are many caring people around.

    Big hugs to you also.

  • Dear Vivante;

    Good Morning to you :)

    May your day be pleasant!

    I am up for a little while before I go back to sleep.

    I have a question. Why should i not hold my breath when I do

    breathing exercies?

    I do not know what the rest of the day will bring. If I get enough sleep, I do very well. That is why I am going back to sleep.

    Love and hugs from Eva


  • Please don't rest for too long, life is too good to waste.

    Please check out Dystonia, last year I did not have a life'

    I know how you feel.

    Keep on going strong.

  • Holding the breath is not good for the nervous system. In.

    Yoga it may be recommended as a pranayama practice, it is also known as channel purification. (alternate nostril breathing).

    Contraindications----If you are tired and cannot concentrate.

    You have a severe headache.

    Overly restless and agitated, rest instead

    You have a fever'

    You have a seizure disorder.

    Noises in the head develop.

    Only hold the breath if you are asked by a medical practitioner while you are having tests.

    You have a movement disorder follow your own breathing rhythm, Let the breath flow freely, gentle, deep and easy.

  • Hi Eva

    Im only new to this sight so hope im using it properly, I guess its up to you to work out with your doctor whats the best for you but more and more I look into PD info exercise is a big plus, maybe sleep in in morning but try a walk later in afternoon? ( not that Im doing much yet either) palaties good I've heard.

    I am struggling at moment with pain in my shoulder and really really annoying pins and needles in my left hand which is the side i have a tremor, havn't found anything yet relating pins and needles to PD have you?


  • Go back to bed, dream you went for a walk!! Couldn't resist!!

    TC and keep moving.

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