Introduction early onset Parkinsons Dx

Hello I am a 44 year old was a firefighter very active healthy eater always took good care of my self and was diagnosed here in Miami by Dr.Sengun at UM 4 years ago with Parkinsons or PD.

My first symptoms noticed were memory fine motor skills diminished writing became small, neck and back pain , unable to get the right words out, cutting food became difficult, buttons became difficult, stiff shoulders , eye hand cordination was bad could not make a free throw usually very good basketball player. Went to hospital for 5 days they ran every test and found nothing, was sent to Nero for evaluaton

After a 20 min Physical he diagnosed me with Parkinsons. .

My comments are on my experiences only. I was on all three meds at one time but have cut back to only Senemet 100/25 taking two in the mornings to get me going on an empty stomach once it kicks in I have a light meal remember that most protein will compete with the carbadopa and nullifie the effectiveness of my meds for hours so watch out with proteins before meds.

I take azelect 1 mg daily and 1 senemet about every 1 1/2 hours After my initiall double dose. Exercise is very Important in my treatment if I miss a few workouts I go downhill quick. My work out consist of biking walking stair master and high repetition lightweight wt training. I have tried to back off on meds but my movements slow and I am not able to function. and yes as mentioned must force yourself to drink water no sense of thirst, taking meds with orange juice makes meds work better. .Exercise exercise exercise must move as much as possible best medicine. Try and keep workout diary and plan your next day or week give yourself goals to Meet. This will help you stay motivated and f7ocused. .

If you have any questions feel free to Ask

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  • You are in a low risk group, being young and a history of good activity and not being a desk worker. So I have a few questions.

    Was anyone else in your family diagnosed with it?

    Did you have frequent pesticide exposure such as termite control or an indoor pet as a child with frequent flea treatments?

    Have you had heavy iron or manganese exposure such as welding?

    Did you drink coffee before diagnosis?

    I assume you do not smoke.

    Did you ever take lots of vitamin C, more than 1,000 mg per day?

    Do you have a lot of amalgam fillings?

  • Well to start I don't have añy family history. I did grow up on a farm with lots of animals I have taken vitamins but not in exess I do have a few old tooth fillings.

    if I had an exposure it was most likely in my 25 year career as a firefighter I must have entered over 100 dwellings that were either on fire or in some stage of smoldering. With unknown contents you can imagine but still the department would not consider this an on the job illness. Had to retire on off the job disability.

    Thanks for the question

  • I do not know why but growing up on a farm is a high risk factor that seems independent of pesticide use. The most dangerous pesticide in terms of causing PD was discontinued in the 1970's, so you're old enough that you might have been exposed to it. If that's the cause, then I could be in the same boat because my father did home gardening to an extreme with the help of us two boys, and he was aggressive with the pesticide and knew where to get the "good stuff" and would warn us to try to stay away from it, but that was not practical. I can still remember the smell.

  • Thank you openbook.

    What I just added to my regiment, is dancing to Madonna on YouTube.

    It makes me happy too.

    Love and hugs from Eva

  • Just keep moving and meds money can't buy

  • I've added something to my exercise routine every day, Parkinson's exercises that I came by on good old Youtube. It's a real treasure chest, isn't it?

  • Thanks for the pep talk. I was just diagnosed, I'm 49 but had mystery symptoms for a few years. Though I am terrified, my first instinct was to get to the gym and find exercise that I could do. You confirmed my belief.

  • Christy it's a pleasure, ,keep moving even when u don't think u can. .

  • If you can find a facility that offers the Big and Loud therapy I highly recommend it. I was walking with a cane and after 18 sessions I can walk without it. I am 75 and my symptoms started about 7 years ago. I am doing very well now. I take 1/4 Sinemet four times a day and 1 Azilect. Each person has to see what works, but exercise is the key.

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