Alternatif treatment with food supplenent

Alternatif treatment with food supplenent

I suffer from the symptoms of Parkinson's since approximately three years ago.Symptoms are stiffness in the fingers of my right hand and right leg too stiff and when stepped seen shuffling/haltingly. Almost all my movements become slow but less visible symptoms of shaking. Difficulty writing, brushing teeth, buttoning clothes, using a computer mouse. Instead of consuming chemical drugs, now I'm exploring alternative medicine. Recently being heard that mucuna pruriens and L-tyrosine is related to the treatment of Parkinson's. but this information is still very limited. Is it really can reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of Parkinson's.

Therefore I really hope that this community can provide information and share experiences about alternative treatment of this disease.

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  • No.

  • There is not. My experience with Alternate treatments is detailed at diaryofamadparkie.wordpress...

  • Hi Ischsanc. I have not tried any of these methods. MP is said to contain natural levodopa or dopamine, I am not sure. We have to get dopamine into our brain but it does not pass through the blood/brain barrier, therefore eating it does us no good at all.

    The only way i know that DOES WORK for REVERSING PD is FAST WALKING. It is too difficult to tell you about this in this blog so why don't you look at my website - I have over 400 articles on PD and all the information about the production of GDNF in the brain, which reverses Pd and what type of exercise helps to produce the GDNF.

    I have had Pd symptoms since 1963 but was only diagnosed in 1992. Since then I have reversed most of my movement symptoms and since 2002 I have not needed to take any Pd medication and I now live a perfectly 'Normal' life. I am 80 years of age and still going strong.

    Good luck


  • Thank you for the information RoyProp, Jerebet and John Pepper. So however not very effective supplement for the treatment of Parkinson's.

  • If you wanted to look it up its part of traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine. There is a lady in the who grows and processes the relevant plant ifor herself - google Neurotalk Parkinsons for the site she posts on. Having said that I can't see the point of taking a substance whose manufacture is probably uncontrolled and delivery of the active ingredient uncertain. Just because its "natural" doesn't make it good..

    If you google Parkinsons UK, there is loads of info on everything to do with PD and its free to download. There is a whole section on complementary therapies. From the Home page go to "support for you" and click "publications", then . search box Topic "treatments and therapies"

  • I am from Bangalore INDIA ; pure form of MP ( Kapikachhu ) is available from Vaidyaratnam in Kerala INDIA; land of Ayurvedic Treatment . Please visit I am having PD since 2010 ; I am 55 Years . I am managing with Vaidyaratnam Kapikachhu 3 TBS daily ( most important - Empty Stomach ) and Ashwagandharishta -15ml ( after food ). They have total treatment for PD and many PD patients from US and Europe visit. You can buy MP Indian Kapikachhu from Vaidyaratnam Kerala INDIA . 100 mg pack cost about Indian Rs 69 ; appx USD 1.1 per 100 mg. No other Allopathic Medicine !!!!. . If you need any help ; please let me know , drop a mail :

  • Hi Ichsanc... there are a few people on here who continue to rely solely on alternatives because of the various side-effects that the prescription drugs hit us with a few years down the road. If you do a google search, you'll find several sites that discuss the supplements most beneficial to PD sufferers. One of the most comprehensive is the following:

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