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I am a firm believer in IBUPROFEN. I have been taking a small dose of about 10 - 20 ml of FENAPAED, which is a child's format - and kinder

Ibuprofen is a well known anti-inflammatory. My neuro is rather dismissive, and just says "it isn't proven!".

Well I was diagnosed in 1991, and have been overtaken downhill by all my friends with pd. The progression has plateaued.

I take 7 x 125mg MADOPAR and 3 x 0.36mg (each dose being 2 x 0.18mg) PRAMIPEXOLE together with 7 x 200mg ENTACAPONE (quite a lot of meds!)

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I take extra virgin olive oil instead. They both work under the same principles but the olive oil has been consumed in large quantities more than any other oil. Olive oil will not damage your stomach neither.


I have been taking 600 mg of ibuprofen 2x day for years, since before PD, for other reasons. Cannot say it has made any difference in my PD.


You have had pd for as long as Michael j Fox then. Ibuprofen made that big a difference? I will start taking it at night then! If it is ok to ask, are you still mobile? I am very scared of not being able to walk and do things with my kids.

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