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I started to talk and

stopped midstream

what was I saying

what did I mean

what was the topic

what was the suggestion

can you remind me what

was the question..??

pd has hit me


my life source depleting

making me shuffle

making me shake

making me sleep

keeping me awake

making me tired

making me weak

making me misunderstood

when I speak

swaying this way swaying that

tripping up falling flat

making me fidgety

making me slow

making me freeze

stopping the flow

toes curling, limbs stiffening,

legs twisting, hands fisting,

body pain, weight gain,

eyesight failing, hallucinating,

back crumbly, voice mumbly,

sleep deprivation, hesitation,

constipation, agitation,

anxiety, sadness, bloody going mad ness,

not hearing what I've said, urgency in bed,

finishing, falling, failing, freezing,

mayhem, clutter, confusion for no reason,

nodding off, shouting out,

coming round, what's that about,

people staring, anger flaring,

they not knowing not caring,

will I scream will I shout

will I let these frustrations out

if I told them what pd's about

will it make a difference, I doubt,

try, inform, unite, fight,

pin this cure down kick it out of sight,

for it knows no boundaries, holds no shame,

continuing to strike again and again,

will you be next “yes” you well may

so please stand together for World Parkinson’s Day....


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An excellent poem thank you. You are still holding your own with PD.


You truly captured the feelings of PD ! Great poem.


Beautifully said, Marmaduke. You say it for all of us.



Thankyou all for reading my poem and your lovely comments. Very much appreciated.i wrote it after experiencing what I described in the first few lines as a sort of disconnection in conversations with people where I seemed to blank momentarily.

Then I began to try listing all the changes I could think of that had affected me since diagnosis and realised parkinsons is one hell of an illness with an almighty spectrum of symptoms. People ask how does it affect me I look ok is it just pain?..Expecting a one word answer which I can't give, I mumble something like you see me only when I'm fully medicated. Now I've decided to keep copies of this poem in my pocket and the next time someone asks me that question I'm going to give them a copy. by no means for pity etc but simply to understand the complexities of the disease.....think I'm gonna need a lot of paper ha!!...thanks again

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i hv PSP A rare type similar to you and your poem is

just great

lol jill\


Aw thankyou always have time to read my poems . I haven't been very good about responding to any posts lately even tapping on the laptop seems to need energy I don't seem to have. I'm sure it's all part of pd...but I will make sure and look up Psp today. X


Marmaduke123: I cannot thank you enough for sharing your beautiful poem with us. I have copied it and will use it as you describe. I think the part that touched me most was your description of the terrible feeling I get when I lose my train of thought, often in the middle of simply answering a question. Of course the typing thing is frustrating too---making even this response so difficult to write. Thank goodness for those squiggly red lines and the right click option! Please keep writing and sharing. You have a real gift. Adrienne


A fantastic piece of work by a valued friend - don't stop you speak for us all


Brilliantly succinct...


thank you.....


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