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I am back,

I am back,

You all have haerd of the proverbial "bad penny". Well it always turns up and here I am again. It has been months since I posted on here. I first want to share that I am making an final trip to Bali. Some of you may remember that I have been twice all ready and that I shared mydaily experiences with you before. I hope to do that again if no one minds. It will be just like the last two trips, a yoga retreat as well as Pilates, which i have done for 6 years. I will be going from June 22- July 4, 2015.

So if all of you could think good thought, I would appreciate it.

Also, I am a Nana now, to a beautiful 9 month old granddaughter, and she is the light of my life!!!!

More later,

Love to all of you in the blogosphere


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Hi Sadie,

Welcome back.. Grandchildren......don't you just love them? I love children, especially babies. .They are our future & doesn't it look bright! I'm looking forward to (our) next Bali trip so please keep us posted.


What a beautiful little angel!! It good to have you drop in now and then.How wondeerful that you can go to Bali


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