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Inside of my mouth

Hi Friends;

I would like to know if any of you have this symptom and what you do about it.

The inside of my mouth is almost a little puffed up with big but gentle rolls in it, like 'rolling hills." It is very pink and sometimes i feel likeee i have crumbs in my mouth, when I know I don't cause I just brushed and flossed and rinsed.

It does not hurt, just VERY annoying!!!

Hugs, Eva Gabrielle

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Hi Eva,

I don't have your symptom. But I do believe that experts in TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine) have a masterful knowledge about tongue analysis. They can read, with great sensitivity, the significance of the color, texture, coating of your tongue, etc., and tell you what systemic health deficiencies are indicated. They also will examine your 3 pulses, your eyes, skin tone, etc. I have had some very positive experiences with an excellent TCM herbalist in Omaha. He--not the allopaths--was the first one to alert me when my thyroid started to go south and became cancerous. He also rescued me with dietary advice when I was suffering from mysterious rapid weight loss. I don't know if TCM adepts are equally effective in reading acute or transient problems brought on by pharmaceuticals. But it may be well worth your while to seek one out if there are more chronic conditions at play. I am convinced they have a invaluable form of medical insight that allopaths are not privy to.

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Dear Dumplekin:

Thank you!! I just may look one of them up :)


I'd see my dentist. Are your gums sore? Do you have dry mouth?


If skin sloughing goes on in your mouth, that's what it felt like to me - a sort of disturbance of the normal rate or something making it accumulate and feel as you describe. My hands will skin and bleed quite easily if knocked.


Dear Paddyfields;

Yes, the skin on the inside of my mouth sloughs off.

I have now equipped my self with these aids:

Colgate Peroxyl;Mouth sore rinse.

Act: Dry mouth lozengers with xylitol

Biotene tooth paste for dry mouth.

Biotene Moisturizing Mouth spray.

Thank you for all of your suggestions!!


Dear Foibilist;

My gums are not sore, but I do have dry mouth.

Thank you!!


Hi Foibilist;

My gums are not sore. I do have dry mouth.

Seeing my dentist makes a lot of sense>


Hugs, Eva



Is it possible you are having an allergic reaction to something???? That is what it sounds like to me.


That could be Racer!! I will look into that. Thanks:)



I was just about to reply when I read your comment. My mouth felt like this when I started taking Statins years ago. Any food seemed to swell up up into a mass (like paper mâché) so becoming impossible to chew & swallow. My GP immediately stopped the Statins & it disappeared. A similar but much more mild reaction was triggered by Madopar.


Thanks dear Honeycomb> Love and hugs to you today:)


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