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Hello I need some help

I just got out of the hospital for major depression and to get my meds straight, I was on Klonopin 6 mg a day I'm now down to 3 mg daily, I was diagnosed with etParkinson Disease over 2 years ago and I have a hard time accepting it. My balance is horrible I tremor most all the time and it's embarrassing ! I'm taking all the right medicine but I still have really bad days, I'm going to a mental health clinic to get help with my depression, but what's that saying it gets worse before it gets better! I'm looking into therapy for my balance but nobody is around is experiencedoing with Parkinson patients so I kinda feel a

bit hopeless ! Struggling in new Hampshire

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Hello firstly welcome this is a good place for support in my experience.

Secondly you have my admiration it's not easy asking for help especially for depression.

My advice as a non professional is based on what works for me. I am about 12 years in.

1. I had to keep control of my life that means I make decisions and choices to suit me

2. I don't leave gaps if pd stops me from walking I don't mourn it I started painting. I won't let it eat up my life

3. Remember your worth. You are still valued needed and can contribute. You haven't lost your skills try and use them.

I have dozens more tips but the above are enough for anyone to focus on!!

My best wishes



I maybe able to give you some encouragement. Please e-mail me


Thank you so much just reading your advice gave me strength and I will follow up and E-mail you ! Thanks again, Billy in New Hampshire


Excellent reply!!! Thank you!!!!


Most physical therapists are skilled in helping people with balance issues whether caused by Parkinsons or some other cause. Look up the LSVT Big program for movement disorders on You Tube and have your PT group do the same. Hang in there...There are many, many people who love you and whom you love---


Hi Billy. I am not a doctor, but I was diagnosed with Pd in 1992 and balance , tremors and depression a three of many common Pd symptoms. My first piece of advice is to not place any reliance on medication. Other than MAO-b inhibitors, has any affect upon the progression of Pd. They merely try, not always successfully, to mask one or two of the symptoms. If the medication you are taking does not mask any of your symptoms then they are doing nothing positive for you and you should talk to your doctor and come off them. They all have serious side effects and don't feel obliged to take them.

Exercise is the best way to deal with Pd. Try to start walking, as fast as YOU CAN, for as long as 10 minutes, every second day. Then after two weeks of walking, add an additional 5 minutes to your walking time. Do that for another 2 weeks and every second week ad on 5 more minutes until you are walking for one hour. Then keep walking for one hour, every second day and try to walk faster and faster until you reach your body's maximum pace. You will find that you will start to feel a lot healthier and fitter and your Pd should start to improve.

If you go to my website - - you will be able to get a lot of information about how I managed to overcome many of the movement problems and the depression. I tried, many years ago to overcome depression, long before i knew I had Pd but it was unsuccessful. WE have to deal with the Pd in order to overcome the depression.

Good luck!


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Thank you John for your words of encouragement and knowledge, I will definitely be taken a look at your website, it's winter and we've gotten hit with tons of snow that's limited my walking but that's about the only thing I do so when spring comes I'll be back walking ty so much for taking the time to write to me, Billy from cold New Hampshire lol


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