Falling and leg weakness

Is anyone out there have any suggestions for my poor balance and leg weakness.

I have been blessed with no shaking but have vocal proble,s and horrible balance. Am on Acicept 0.5 daily only. Ropinirol had to be d/cd as nausea worsened.

I go to a neurologist and only on Aricept two weeks. Is there anyone out there with any suggestions. I can drive but it tired to even shop for groceries. All,bloodwork came back good., ..??????


Florida USA

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  • I have had that problem, but believe it or not exercise by holding onto a heavy chair helps me. I now do

    tai chi ( looking it up on youtube) free. It is a big help to me.

  • Margie:

    Thanks for the information an I will try Tia Chi!

    Will let you know how it goes. Thanks again.


  • PLEASE TRY SUPPLEMENT CALLED balance D it really helps

  • Hanafab23

    Thanks for reply ,where do I purchase this in USA.

    Can I get it on Internet?


  • I get mine from pureformulas.com 1800 383 6008

    it is called balance D made by neuro Science

    hope it helps

  • Hanifab23

    Thanks, wil order today. Takining the Prevogen now and personally can really tell a big differfence after only one month. However! I am shoping the internet as you can save a bundle for same product, extra strength. . Takes. A little time but have saved at leased one third the cost.

    Have a blessed day and good luck and again, thanks.


  • Hi, Polyanna,

    There have been two things that have made a big difference in my balance, a really surprising difference.

    (1) One is an exercise that a physical therapist taught me that I do every day. Buy a kid's play ball - about 10" in diameter - the cheap kind that they sell in any drugstore or Toys 'R Us. Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet about 10" apart. Put the ball between your knees. Squeeze your knees tightly together, holding for 10 seconds. Do this 10 times for 2 sets.

    (2) The other thing that really helps is to do brisk walking on a regular basis. I'm amazed at what a difference this has made to my balance, and also to my sense of feeling in control of my body again. I walk 4-5 miles every other day. Of course, afterwards I'm absolutely exhausted and spend a lot of time in bed! But it does make a difference. It's better than sitting on the couch and watching TV, I guess.

    Have you considered asking for a referral to a physical therapist to get some exercises to help with the balance issues? My physical therapist had a number of exercises to strengthen core muscles to improve balance. All is not hopeless! It can improve, I promise you! Blessings to you. I'm in the U.S. too, but across another ocean, in Hawaii.

    Best wishes,


  • Leiana

    Thanks for inormation and I start Monday with a therapist my Neorologist

    Suggested. Have problem walking fast, tire so easily, but I do walk in house

    Straight paths as not to fall. The ball sounds good also. Imam wiling to try

    Anything to get balance. This Parkinson's is really getting me housebound.

    Blessings to you also from me and my family in Florida.

    Hawaii wascacNavy station for my husband for two years and he loved it

    But I had to stay in States as we had five children!

    Thanks again


  • I get exercise videos from MIKE ROSS, he's probably on utube.

  • PolyAnna007

    Many have found the Physical Therapy LSVT BIG, which is designed specifically for PD very helpful.

    Google LSVT BIG and you will find their website, where can locate Physical Therapist who provide LSVT BIG.

    TaiChi training is also helpful. Regards leg strength, many find that stretching exercises for flexor muscles in legs, thighs and hips help.



    Thanks for you reply and information. i did the LSVT at first and maybe too

    Soon as balance was not that major but had/ have lot my writing skill

    And now unable to write. This was given little attention. Do you know if this is addressed on the internet?

    Many, many thanks.


  • Polyanna

    You write "I did" LSVT BIG. One of my issues is to maintain Posture. After learning to free walk in LSVT BIG, I could maintain my Posture and Balance was functional. My benefits from BIG were limited by needing to do the adapted version because of previous knee injuries and COPD. Eventually I had more knee problems and was unable to do much free walking. My posture declined. Exercise is essential. LSVT BIG could again be of benefit.

    30 minutes 7x7 is a minimum. The adapted version of BIG is on their DVD. Consider returning to your Physical Therapist! Regards your question about writing. Get on youtube and look up some of the videos associated with Dr Alberts Bicycle intense pedaling a 90 cycles per minute. This was initially demonstrated with someone who already had undergone DBS. allowing her to pedal at the intense pace. They have her on some videos show pre post effect on her writing, it is amazing.

    Do you experience hand tremors. Did your symptoms occur initially in you non dominant side initially? In my dominant hand I have no tremor. Initially non dominant side. I experience micrography some. However I am able to focus on writing, watching the cursive as I write, in any size legibility. Must attend to it. Works for me. If I write to the side with out watching falls off.


  • Polyanna,

    I have he same symptom as you. I take sinemet 4 times daily for balance and to overcome slowness. also amantadine and comtan, although I plan on discontinuing the comtan because of severe diarrhea. I also take Balance D. also I go to a fitness center three times a week and work out on the stationary, recumbent bike, which strengthens my legs. I can't walk well enough to take a walk or use a treadmill so the bike helps me tremendously. I also took a tai chi class but wasn't very good at that so I don't do it. the main thing is the sinemet. the side effects are a bit rough but it beats not being able to walk. you might consider getting a cane or a walker.

    Ken Abud (bicyclingwithpd)

  • Dear bicycling with Pd:

    I too tried Sinimet but could not tolerate it. Switched then to Reqip And the nausea never abated after 18 months. Now on nothing.

    I am going to try Tia Chi and treadmill slowly, and keep in touch.

    God bless and do not give up, someone out there has a answer for us, this I

    Truly believe.


  • Instead of the treadmill, I recommend you do fast paced cycling, 80-90 rpm for an hour at least 3/week. Tai Chi and Dance for PD are both great. Round it all out with deep breathing as often as you can.

  • If you're not already supplementing with it, I personally found a fairly recent version of 'optimized' curcumin helpful in resetting my internal 'gyroscope'. It's called 'longvida', is licenced to a few supplement manufacturers (so should be available in your area), and makes the critical 'free curcumin' more bioavailable. Recent study found improvement in cognitive function and mood:


  • Thanks meta

    Very interesting

  • watch out for iron load. also, some brands were recalled recently, I learned from facebook post.

  • I am sure it would be interesting if I had a clue what meta was talking about!

  • Poly I have your condition and walking on my treadmill I have improve my balance and my walk along swinging my both arms try it and reply when ever you can.

    Good luck and still hang on

    The cure is coming

    The system cant wraith any longer

    With respect


  • Has your Dtr recommended occupational and physical therapy for you? I might want to go for a second opinion if I were you.

  • I was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2011. I have shaking and tremors of the right hand. I also have an unsteady gait and a history of falls. My neurologist referred me for physical therapy and they were able to help me a lot. They, not only worked with me in their office, but were able to give me tips and exercises to use at home.

  • i have the same dis orders polyanna007. i'have just been on carbo depo, leva dopa, ever since , sinemet. my legs don't get weak, but have much pain from standing ,and it comes from the stinosies, [spelling] in my back.

    i don't tremble either. , but my balance to well either. i have to hang onto chairs etc. i imagine this is from PD. but what to do about it is a mystery. thanks for writing , we do have something in common.

  • Thanks ever so much for your reply. This has been a miserable two and a half

    Years. Different meds not working and all the lost days as all I wanted to,do was lievdown and sty home.

    However,currently am cutting out meds and depending on PT right now.

    I have tried all meds you listed plus. Neuro patch, to no avail.

    Again however I am sure, with Faith and PT science people a cure will be found

    For all of US suffering in so many ways.


  • If Sinemet not working and you have only used it for a short time and in a small dose, e.g. 62.5mg then you may simply need a larger dose. In my experience the Levodopa drug dose had to be doubled before I could tell that I had taken a dose at all.

  • Oxide:

    Thanks. For the input. As we speak i started two days ago titration the Azilectvdown. Too

    Many side effects and. After two weeks balance is worse.


  • Onsidge:

    Off Aricept. Nooe.



  • I do tai chi everyday. As Margie says, there are lots of great videos on Youtube.com, some tai chi and some just exercises to help with balance. For starters, try


  • Becker:

    Thanks for ALL the information and tomorrow starts a new regimen for me.

    Again, thanks for the response as I have never had so many people responding and sharing their experiences and advice. It has opened up a avenue of doors for me to try. Have a great day and a blessed life. PD sure changes you in many ways other than the body


  • Tai chi, water classes, yoga. All have helped with leg strength. That being said, not much helps when I'm "off." Good luck.

  • Hi I was diagnosed 5 years ago I also have severe arthritis in my knees had left knee replaced and now booked for right. I won't let it beat me I horse ride every day it makes me feel normal again it's great strengthening exercise I also muck out groom our 3 horses with my daughters. You have to push yourself be positive don't give in. Kindest regards andrea

  • equivalent of ball between knees exercise?

  • Foibilist:

    Thanks for sharing your " off trials". It seems every week or so there is something new with PD. Now I have freeze episodes, what a nightmare.

    Hang in there I say, better days are on the way.


  • Andreajohnson:

    Thank you for your input. I too have bad knees but just cannot face knee surgery.

    Last surgery was bad with anesthesia. So that is not a option but I surely wish you the best.

    You are so right when you say keep on keeping on. It is six thirty in evening but I made myself do a large load of laundry, with PD it seems our time is not its time!

    Again, thanks for the encouragement.


  • Pollyanna, my heart aches for you, you seem to have tried every medication available for relief.....have you tried natural/nutritional approach?

    all advances they speak of seems to me to be in the comprehension of the pathways of biological processes, which are nurtured naturally not chemically.

    I was thinking just this am that with the advent of social medicine "they" have been empowered to "bind, torture, and kill patients".

    you have to become an informed patient/client. start with mercola.com newsletters they are very informative and comprehensive, john pepper is also very knowledgeable and comprehensive I find.

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