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hallucinations and seroquel

as previously discussed, my husband "sees" people at night, who will disappear into the air...this is not bothering him as much as it used to. He also thinks that we are moved in the night to a house that looks like our but isn't ours ( replicas) Dr. suggested seroquel..25mg...try 1/2 at night or if he needed something for anxiety rather than 2.5 mg of Valium....Not to use either one all the time...Not feeling good about what I have read about Seroquel and since he is using Zandopa and no other drugs for beginning Parkinsons I'm not feeling good about this drug....Any experience with this...many thanks for your help

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My husband took seroquel for anxiety at a much higher dose and wishes he had taken Valium instead. At the higher dose he had a lot of side effects. Since your dr is recommending a lower dose used intermittently it might be okay. Whenever my husband starts a new drug I watch for changes in his behaviour and if he seems worse in any way he stops taking it and we look for something else to try. Hope this is helpful....


My wife had hallucinations for several years. She'd see people who weren't there, and get mixed up about upcoming events or past events. It didn't do any harm, since I was aware of it. Rather than get into additional medication, we simply decided to live with it, as long as it didn't get worse. Claude Bachand.


Hello, my partner has hallucinations and nightmares, he is also has the parkinson related dementia and now heart problems, so pills for everything 17 in total daily also, an anti deprssant pill. I would not give any pills for this problem, he has two night lights in his room, and sees giant spiders frogs and people appearing out of the television. Its a very diifcult situation, and I think the anti depressant pill helps.

I always feel that as a carer we are in a very difficult position, to decide on whether or not to give more pills, and I feel sorry that your husband is having this problem its not nice. We had to search for giant frogs the other month, to even in and under the wardrobe. We laugh abough it now but it still happens.

best of luck


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