PD botcamp

I wanted to share this with you. It was a very informative day. The post on hydration made me think to share this. There was a speaker that talked about a healthy GI tract and hydration. You can find it on the left side under presentations. I HOPE


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  • Ok I think it worked only it is toward the bottom of the page under presentations.

  • useful, thank you

  • a treasure trove of good information...thank you for posting

  • I was glad we could be there. My hubby got to dance with David Zid. That started him on a great exercise program. Look up David Zid or Delay the Disease on You tube for more on that.

  • Look up Delay the disease on Facebook or David Zid on Youtube for more on one of the break out sessions.

  • Thanks, I registered to get more info and maybe invitation to next year's Boot Camp.

  • I know David Zid, and he is both knowledgeable and inspirational. A great program that also uses many of the same concepts can be found at rocksteadyboxing.org. It is a non-contact boxing-inspired fitness training program for people with Parkinson's disease that gives them hope. I have been working out there for eight years and it is change my life.

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