Solar plexus nerve

Does anyone know, or have experien e of the Solar Plexus Nerve,

Situated just above the Belly button..

I ask because, what I thought was panic attacks, as I suffer from Depression,

May well be part of the problem I'm experiencing,right now.

The slightest touch, sets off a horrible panic like feeling in my whole body..

Usually worse at night, .. I start to sweat, and my tummy plays up, and I have to go to the loo several times..

This happens many times throughout the night..

Can also be brought on by bending down, This is really making my life a living hell.

I've read a bit about, the large nerve involved..and do not really understand,

What is going on..

Does anyone out there relate to anything like this at all.

I have reached the desperation stage..

I might add , I have been in Mirtripoline .. But have now been taken off it as it was not suiting me..


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  • It is the same as the celiac plexus which is the largest group of the autonomic nerve complex that regulates the abdominal content. what you are describing is sympathetic arousal from anxiety... a common PD symptom. talk to your Doc.

  • my husband use to ask me for some BI carb he thought it was wind at first . Told me it. Was having a buttery in his stomach

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