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New drug; I attended a PD meeting and the speaker was a doctor from Hoag Hospital in Irvine, Ca. She was excited about a new drug called RYTARY I looked it up and found it very interesting. From what I gathered it iwould replace Sinimet. It releases both extended release and regular releases which helps people with the "on- off" problem. Has anyone else heard of it? When I looked it up it said it has been approved by the FDA. If so, why nothing on the news?. Anybody else know anything about RYTARY ?

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  • From what I read, they're having trouble manufacturing it.

  • Well, that' disappointing! Thanks for your comment.

  • I read it was approved by the FDA but I had not heard any issues about manufacturing it. There was a post about this awhile ago. You can search and read the entire release info.

  • he FDA had 6 months ago some issue of quality with the Indian manufacturers .

    It was represented to the FDA and got an all clear with the problems all fixed. It is a Levadopa slow release tablet which should keep you on for longer times.

    ts hope it works for all of us


  • Kachimom:

    I also read on News a Editorial about this new medication and going to

    Try it if available here in Daytona

    Beach fl. I feel I have something to gain and nothing to lose except

    Off time and worse balance when I experience the "off time".

    Will post answer as soon as I get one

    To post.


  • UK

    Don't know when it will be approved here but anything to get down the number of tablets I take a day (25 at last count not all pd) is to be applauded.

    I'm more keen on the levadopa patch pump on trial at the moment with no dyskinesia

  • 3 weeks from being in US pharmacies.

  • Yes it will be available in February. Sounds good. Sure hope so cause I need something line that.

  • this is what I understood Feb

  • KM I read in a article about RYTARY that has approve by the FDA and relished on February which will help to have more time in your system than Sinemet, don't know about the side effects so let's wait and try it and see how it works for PWP

  • Does anyone know the cost compared to Stalevo yet? My husband's on off periods are becoming more off and hallucinations are worse so hoping Rytary could give some relief both for symtoms as well as financial.

  • Not aware but in the last hour I HAVE CNN on and there has been a new dfinding on the hops in beer to slow down PD & Alzheimers brain disorders ** JUST IN ***

  • What they're talking about is how the cartenoid xanthohumol in beer fights oxidative stress. However astaxanthin found in krill oil, I believe, does a much better job of fighting oxidative stress without the negative aspects of alcohol. Salmon is also an excellent source of Astaxanthin.

  • I believe it will be available end of Feb or March 2015.

  • Rytary (carbidopa and levodopa) FDA Approval History -

  • I have severe pain in my back shoulders and hand

  • can any one tell me how to get rid of the pain

  • Pain is usually caused by some sort of inflammation. The issue usually is to get to the root of what's causing the inflammation, and from there, if you can remedy that situation you can get rid of your pain.

    If the pain is caused by some sort of Candida infection, something like Kandidaplex would help. If the pain is caused by a Viral infection, something like BHT might help.

    If the pain is caused by a Bacterial infection, possibly Iodine (like Potassium Iodate) might help.

    If the pain is caused by diminished capacity of cartilage then something like Hyaluronic Acid may help.

    If the pain is caused by diminished operation of your muscles, then possibly Epsom Salt and again, Iodine might help.

    If the pain is caused by nerve issues, then possibly Curcumin (like Longvida) may help.

    Also, as always make sure you're drinking enough water, at least a full glass when you wake up, with every meal, every time you're taking any kind of medicine or supplementation and when you're going to bed.

  • I checked with my MDS about Rytary and here is his response: "Rytary is not yet available in pharmacies. It is really nothing special in my opinion. It is bilayer pill that has both immediate and timed release carbidopa/levodopa. We have given patients combinations of immediate and timed release Sinemet for years. I do not doubt that Rytary will be priced very high as well."

  • I read you cannot be on Azelect with rytary

  • I read about it last week. It is approved by FDA, does that mean it's approved in Canada? If so, I would like to get my hands on it.

  • Yes I read about it on the Internet, it should be all over the news. I think it's approved in the States.

    Like to get my hands on that one!

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