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The Day Parkinson's Moved In By:Mary Bannister

It wasn't any normal day.

It wasn't an ordinary day at all.

It was the day we picked a headstone for my mother's grave.

The day Parkinson's moved in.

They say It comes after a traumatic event.

Well, we had a few of those!

We didn't know that it would also come and stay to invade our home.

Oh, it came full strength!!

With It's strange names. dyskinesia and Dystonia.

What does that mean? What does that do?

Oh God.....We had no clue!!

It robbed us of all our dreams,

It robbed us of our plans.

But Parkinson's did show us something.

Our love will always stand!

It's strong! It's bound so tight!!

It will never take that from us!!

We hold each other and save each other from the strange

names and pains it brought!!

We will fight this Parkinson's and not let It win!!

For how can it conquer love???

Yes, Parkinson's came to our home that day,

but our love was always here.

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Beautiful attitude!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

Lovingly, Eva Gabrielle

~Retired Unity Minister

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Thank you Eva! I am happy you enjoyed it. I have never written anything before. I don't really know where this came from except my father used to write. My husband loved it!!! I was soo happy to make him happy!!! God Bless you!!!

-Mary Bannister


Beautiful and so true. I live alone but regard PD as a uninvited lodger.,so I can relate to your words and the fight, albeit difficult at times.

Upwards and onward,

Kay x

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Thank you Kay! I am happy you enjoyed it! I have never written anything before and one night after massaging my husband's legs I could not go to sleep. It was 2:00 AM and these words came to my head. I had to write them down!! I surprised myself and my husband loved it. I was soo happy to make him happy. My father used to write when he was alive and I guess it came from him. :) Surprises come in small packages and when we least expect them. :)

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How true, the words have come with love to give you strength .


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a lovely poem"!

lol jill



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