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Has anyone been assessed for PIP?

Hi All,

I had my 3 month PD nurse clinic today & as part of my MOT (UK annual check) we covered the tests which will be needed for PIP (new UK allowance replacing several former ones). Up to now in this area (Worcestershire) we had been told to wait as long as possible or until we were contacted re the new allowance in case it should be a cost-cutting exercise.

I was concerned that as my Motability contract runs out in March & I have not been able to find a date for my PIP assessment the car scheme will not just role over into a new contract as previously in case the mobility element is cut. There are interim options but this can get very messy. My PD nurse suggested I contacted the DWP & ask for an assessment date asap because of the stress this is causing me. She told me that so far all the assessments in our area had remained at the same level & they have all been conducted over the phone due to DWP time constraints.

I was just wondering before I contact the DWP whether anyone has had experience of PIP assessment or knows of others?

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I dont think you need to stress PD is subject to fluctuations and although medication improves your situation you have a degenerative disease.Medication is like your wheelchair or walking stick.

The disability equality act 2010 specifically allows for that as below.

If you are to be reviewed,I would wait until its requested and dont be afraid.

The award is made to help you manage your health,dont stress out that you dont feel you deserve it.

Disability EqualityAct 2010

Effects of treatment

B11. The Act provides that, where an impairment is subject to treatment

or correction, the impairment is to be treated as having a substantial

adverse effect if, but for the treatment or correction, the impairment is

likely to have that effect. In this context, ‘likely’ should be interpreted

as meaning ‘could well happen’. The practical effect of this provision

is that the impairment should be treated as having the effect that

it would have without the measures in question (Sch1, Para 5(1)).

The Act states that the treatment or correction measures which are

to be disregarded for these purposes include, in particular, medical

treatment and the use of a prosthesis or other aid (Sch1, Para 5(2)).

B12. This provision applies even if the measures result in the effects being

completely under control or not at all apparent. Where treatment is

continuing it may be having the effect of masking or ameliorating a

disability so that it does not have a substantial adverse effect. If the

final outcome of such treatment cannot be determined or if it is known

that removal of the medical treatment would result in either a relapse

or a worsened condition, it would be reasonable to disregard the

medical treatment in accordance with paragraph 5 of Schedule 1.

This has been supported at appeal level


Sorry, no, but I'd love to hear how you get on. John hasn't been 'called up' yet.

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Please may someone say what PIP stands for?


Hi Pete,

I have cut & pasted the heading below from GOV.UK site PIP is the 1 new allowance (payment) which will replace existing allowances. There has to be a reassessment of your condition & needs to enable you to benefit.

'Personal Independence Payment (PIP) is replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for people with a long-term health condition or disability aged 16 to 64.'

Hope this helps,




Check out the following link. There's a lot of good info relating to PIP. It may be if some use..

I applied back in July & had an assessment in March with ATOS. It was a straight forward question session, along with a few strength demonstration exercises. It lasted approximately 45 minutes. I was concerned prior to going but in hind sight it was ok. DWP responded within 10 days with my results. I live in the Dorset area. I appealed against the daily living allowance element within the month and requested a mandatory reconsideration. Again they responded within 10 days in my favour. If you have any pacific questions please do not hesitate to ask & I will try to assist.


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