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World Parkinsons Day 11th April


Could I please ask every - one to wear a Parkinsons t-shirt on that day. It does not matter what cause or charity the Parkinson's is for whether it be an old Unity walk t-shirt/mjff/parkinsons uk/super walk canada/new Zealand pd/Australian pd/etc..

I am aware that some people for no thought of there own will not be able to wear a t-shirt. Could those people please give there t-shirt to another family member/neighboutr/friend/work colleague/children wear.

This is a green idea so go and get it out of the drawer/cupboard where you last put it wash and iron it ready for the 11th April 2015.

It will not cost you anything as you probably already have one, please pass the word on too others if you belong to a group where you live.

Many thanks

Andy Butler from Parkinson, people.

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Sure that is a great idea, but that's like two and half months away. If you really want Parkies to do something you need to remind us the day before and maybe the day of also would be good , maybe a couple times. We will try to remember, maybe write it down somewhere (hahaha). But it is a good idea, thanks for mentioning it.

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I used to write todo lists, now I keep a postponement list, which in reality is a list of everything I have to do before I die!

I need extra time,


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I bet if you get your extra time you will just fritter it away, anyway I have to take a nap, I had such great hopes for today, maybe tomorrow . I can't find where she put all those t-shirts. She does this on purpose you know.

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Always put off today that which can be put off tomorrow.

I think that's right?

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I was thinking that we ( with a little help from our friends) should keep this string in the "recent" up front until 11 April so that everyone remembers that it will be take a Parkey to lunch day and wears a PD T-shirt that day. Personally, I think they should have picked April 1st. Any of you women out there that always wanted to send me a note but were too shy , here is a good opportunity. I guess you could send one to GREY if you felt so inclined also. So where is this place called Parkinsons that Andy said he was from?.

I found the T-shirts, but they have all shrunk. Probably in the wash I guess.

Is there a good place to get a pd t shirt? I'm trying to think what i would like it to say. Does the pd association sell them?

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If you participate in a fund raiser, like Super Walk or selling flowers and raise money for PD research then the local PD assoc. gives you that years t-shirt. A different colour every year usually bright ,orange or lime green with sponsors names on back, very collectable. All the fashionable people wear them fishing . Probably if you contact your local PD association and offer to donate money for a t-shirt they will send you one left over from last year.


Thanks Gymbag

Would willingly do so, where do we obtain the Parkinson awareness day T shirts . Do you know ?

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where ever you live there will be a pd group :- just ask them or contact one of the major charities where you live and they will supply one.

They come now in all manor of forms. get walking days in usa/unity walks every where.Specific events for fundraising,numerous.

Go to your local pd group/branch and I am sure they will have one.

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Pity we do not have a similiar Parkinson foundation in the UK..

We do have Parkinson UK. But no mention of donating to buy t shirts .. 😞

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ON THE PARK FOUNdation web site


World PD day, 11th of April, but not much info here in Canada and there does not seem to be any traditions attached to it. How long has it been around? I think we should add phrases like "Take a Parky to Lunch " or "Be kind to the Grumpy" something like that. Anyway this is just a bump to the front to keep this string visible so we all remember to wear a PD t-shirt that day. Any body have more info about PD Day?

Be happy

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World pd day has been around since 2000 that I am aware of. It is Dr James parkinsons birth date it comes from the United nations and is recognised in every country.

Specific days in the year are not always recognised by governments in different countries and some countries have days no one else does.

Canada has labour day I think but no one else does.

The day is similar to world aids day which is recognised every where.

Thank you for keeping this thread up.

I also posted it onto all the parkinson society Facebook pages there are.


World PD day, 11th of April, got your T-shirt ready? Boy it is going to have to get a lot warmer around here to be wearing just a T-shirt outside. 11 April could be cold. I have told all my friends that 11 April is "take a Parky to lunch day" but no invitations so far. I bet they have just forgotten. Oh well lots of time before the birthday of Dr. James Parkinson on 11April. I think it would be good iƒ we all wrote a letter to our local newspaper ahead of the date advising everyone that world PD Day exists and that it is the good Doctors birthday, I'm not sure about mentioning the lunch thing . When was that again. This is just a bump to the front

Thanks Gymbag -I found this as you are from Canada. It is from 2011 but it mentions world PD Day.

Not sure if the link will work, but will give it a try.

I have been promoting it every where, at the weekend I am staying with Radioparkies in Belgium to ask them to promote it over Europe as they have dj's in every country.

Also to catch up on numerous other things

Blimey !! The Link worked :-Here is the original with a link.

The World Health Organisation along with Princess Diana/The Pope and Mohammed Ali all took part in the Original Meeting.


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