These pills

These pills

a man i’d met, once told me

an old man’s disease i had

it can be managed with medication

and he gave me some pills

take them and you will see

they will help control your symptoms

but unfortunately, won’t stop it’s progression

let me introduce you to Parkinson’s

about the pills he was right

these magic pills i take

they help me function

masking the tremor

and reducing the stiffness

these magic pills i take

seemingly alright, people don’t notice

i wouldn’t have guessed

or, at least so i’m told

thanks to these magic pills i take

but these magic pills, they come at a cost

it’s not the money, NHS thankfully

loaded with side effects

they don’t really bother me

the nausea, constipation or tiredness

i’m prepared to pay

to have these bitter sweet pills

in a variety they come

all shapes and sizes, colours and strength

different forms and dosages

branded or unbranded the names they change

slow release and multiples of

combinations, frequency and times to take

confusing, just a little i’d say

individual regimes, different for all

i manage mine with MyHealthPal

reminding me when and what to take

is one less thing for me to worry about

often in combinations

a medication cocktail if you will

i’ve tried a few in trial & error

i moved from one to the next

to find the right combination, of

these bitter sweet pills that work for me

but like a moving target

the goal posts my body decides to move

is it just for a laugh, or to keep me on my toes

but not to worry it’s on to the next

perhaps an increased dosage

or more frequently, because

mine they just don’t last

but these tablets i take,

bitter sweet or magic pills

i’m grateful for them all the same

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  • market commodity

    I now consider myself

    But i am in the wrong bottle

    On the wrong shelf

    Drug company

    Bad company

    You and me

    I swallow my pride

    Your pill

    Inside you cast a spell

    My brain is a cauldron of chemical hell

    Money being made from my disease

    Where does it go

    Who does it please

    Patent is king your pot of gold

    Throw me a pill

    Why cure my ill

    Money then people at the end of the day

    Illness is take care of your health

    Thats the best cure

    Its up to us to value it more

  • Nice words

  • Love it!

  • Very true and poetic!

  • Very good :-)

    Like it so much I've printed it out and pinned it on my wall.

    Thank you,


  • Thanks john

  • 618130000011 pm

    I did did I

    I sleep I cramp my sheets are damp

    I wake I rise the pain's no surprise

    I shit I strain I clog the drain

    I eat I choke I’m totally broke

    I cry, I dry aye “I” storms gone by

    I walk I stumble my wife whispers “don’t mumble”

    What? I say too low to hear

    I love you too, my dearest dear

    I shake I freeze I’m weak in the knees

    I shop I chop I make some slop

    I shit I strain is that caused by my brain?

    I nap oh crap, I’ve pissed again

    I yell I smell it’s a living hell

    I mope I cope grasp at hope

    I started I’ll finish but I won’t diminish

    I did did I

  • WOW. WOW. You folks are POWERFUL. You hit my heart.


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