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Exercize? Benefit strongest for those with milder symptoms, study finds

After six months, the researchers found, there was no clear benefit for the study group as a whole. The picture looked different, however, when they focused on the 122 patients with milder Parkinson's symptoms.

Among those patients, 52 percent of exercisers had a fall over six months. That compared with 76 percent of those who did not exercise.

"This large effect was achieved with only 13 percent of exercise sessions supervised by a physical therapist," Canning said. "The results of our study suggest that early intervention for people with Parkinson's disease should be extended to include minimally supervised balance and strengthening exercises as a falls-prevention strategy."

"Early" is the key word, according to Canning. "We should not be waiting until the person has already fallen," she said.

Only an association was found between exercise and risk of falling among Parkinson's patients; the study did not prove cause and effect.

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Indeed an important finding. I have started LSVT BIG Physical Therapy for PD seven years after diagnosis.

I had to start with adapted exercises. If I had started shortly after diagnosis with LSVT BIG would have ben able to do regular rather then adapted form which is limited, which clearly would have resulted in a delay of onset of disability that cause me to start six years out with adapted form. Do not hear this as not recommending LSVT BIG at any stage.....the benefits will be enormous! I had the good luck to happen to have done TaiChi for Twenty Years before Diagnosis. The result is that even today my balance is good!

I have fallen, but always down due to weakness. I know how to fall down, have not been hurt. In contras have never fallen out of balance which would be outward contrasted to down when one is often hurt.

Would recommend DVD from Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson's titled Parkinson's Exercise Essentials. Goggle their website.



Flora prop:

I think you are 100% correct..Please keep up the good,Great, information.




It is totally mind boggling the conclusions that researchers draw from Clinical Trials.

To grasp how truly misleading Clinical Trials are and can be, read a 400 page book on them titled Bad Pharma. Having read the book you'll probably never agree to participate in one and more than likely be EXTREMELY apprehensive if your physician suggests trying out a drug that has recently been (or has ever been) approved by the FDA. By the way Roy.... the close by survey of Healthunlocked has you as the closest person to me.. only 350+ miles away ! We should go out for coffee!


hot chocolate; Capitan, New Mexico


Phoenix Arizona here. But I also spend the hot months in Maine (even further away). Probably have to take a raincheck for the time being. Do appreciate your comments.


Is there anyone out there near Dallas, Pennsylvania? (Near the big city of Wilkes-Barre).


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