Hair after DBS surgery

I realize that hair growth is not high priority to people who have a disabling disease like Parkinson's, but I am curious to know how long after DBS surgery it was before the hair over the incision started to grow back. I really am not overly vain about appearance, but I am tired of wearing scarves to cover my crazy hair cut they gave me for surgery.

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  • I requested the Yule Brinner cut that is about ½ inch 3 weeks post op.

  • Slak, thank you, thank you! Someone else is struggling with the crazy hair thing! I had surgery on October 15, with the computer module implant done on November 7. I was psyched for the hair cut/shave on the first surgery but somehow missed that there would be more for the second one. I too had thought that the hair issue would be a non-issue....but it became a bigger deal than anticipated.

    Since I'm involved in a field test for Boston Scientific's Vercise system, the computer still has not been optimized for my personal situation. I still have 6 more weeks of testing before that happens, and I am very tired of everything! Including the scarves/wig/hat thing! This week, nearly 3 months after the first surgery, I will go to my hairdresser to begin "reconstruction" on a pixie haircut. My hair is now about 1 inch long everywhere except on the side where the doctors tunneled the lead wires. Even that is grown over enough to almost cover the scar and "wire lump." I'm hoping to "come out" with no head covering by the end of this week. Woo Hoo!

  • just had surgery on 11/5/14 and my incision hair growth is about 1/3" long by now. Til outgrowth is where I want it, it is the old comb over for me..good luck! Surgery results are well worth it!!

  • My hair regrowth (to look normal) took approx 6 months after a dual implant DBS.

  • My hairdresser today confirmed that I have at least 2 or three months before all is "normal" on the hair front. She was able to start reshaping a bit, but no real styling. It's been almost 3 months since the brain implant, and exactly 2 months since the module implant with it's incision above my ear to reach the wires. My hair now mostly covers the scars, but I have a ways to go before it is long enough to style into a pixie haircut. *sigh*

  • my surgery way in March 2013. I have naturally thick hair and it grew in very rapidly It started to grow back immediately I even joked with two of the nurses, 1 female an d1 mail that they had copied my hair style of a 'brush cut'. I did not need to have my hair professionally cut until mid September. Mine has grown back jus the same as it was before, the surgery.

  • about 2 to 3 months

  • MY hair grows pretty fast by 4 -5 weeks out my hair looked like I had intentionally had it cut that short. I had planned to wear a hat while it grew out but discovered that the buzz cut at that point looked pretty sassy so i never wore any of my hats or a wig post DBS. Lok in the mirror - make faces and say " I m sassy looking or something similar

  • They didn't shave my head--just snipped or shaved the exact area that they need for the surgery.

    ( and scrubbed the living daylights out of the rest of my hair. So as soon as the staples were out I could wash and fix my hair. A little work to hide the scar til the hair grew back. I was prepared for a shave.

  • After about 2 h years, &I still have a few small bald spots where the hair has not grown back.

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