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Moringa Oleifera tree, Parkinsons, and other neurological diseases

Moringa Oleifera tree, Parkinsons, and other neurological diseases. Quote from a research webpage These are real scientists researching the affects of the Moringa Oleifera nutrients and oils against Parkinson's disease.

Acute Effect of Ethanolic Extract of Moringa oleifera on Haloperidol Induced Catalepsy in Mice Models

Anu Elizabeth Joy, Shyamjith M, Shankar Bhat K


Parkinson’s disease is a major neurodegenerative disorder caused due to deficiency of dopamine in the basal ganglia of the brain. The exact etiology of Parkinson’s disease still remains unclear. This CNS disorder may be caused due to oxidative stress, toxin induced free radicals, or drugs that destroys dopamine producing neuron in Substantia nigra. Catalepsy is a symptom of extrapyramidal disorders like Parkinson's disease in animals. Neuroleptic induced catalepsy is an effective animal model for screening the antiparkinsonian activity of a chemical. The results indicate that administration of haloperidol (1mg/kg, i.p) significantly induced catalepsy in Swiss albino mice, which was significantly reversed by the ethanolic extract of Moringa oleifera(200mg/kg i.p). The anticataleptic activity of Moringa oleifera can be due to its antioxidant potential or due to its effect on brain monoamines.

If you have Parkinsons, please look closely into what this product can do for you.

In Southern Part of INDIA ; it is generally known by name " Drumsticks" ; which are generally grown in backyard of our village homes . From this tree leaves we make a side dish called in local language " SOPPU ( means leaves ) PALLYA ( means dry dish) " Preparation : Wash leaves thoroughly , cut into small pieces by knife, salute it in frying pan using 1 or 2 TBS olive oil , add mustard seeds, add grated coconut , salt to taste , red chilly to taste and little jaggery or sugar for taste . One can eat this with rice or bread or Indian Bread " roti' . Other part which is useful from this Tree is " Drum Sticks " ; which can be used to make Gravey Dish " Hooli " ; Preparation : Wash the sticks thoroughly , cut into small pieces by knife say one - two inch in size , prepare paste : Grind gratted coconut + salt to taste+red chilly to taste+mustard seeds+Turmeric powder 1/4 TBS and add butter milk / curd . Mix in a separate vessel above paste and the above paste, add water and boil it till the drum sticks becomes soft. Gravey dish is ready to eat with rice , bread , indian bread " roti "

Cerebroprotective effect of Moringa oleifera against focal ischemic stroke induced by middle cerebral artery occlusion. Please see link :

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I have not looked at the website yet but I will.

I love drumstick And the leaves 

Some years ago I read a printed article that said:

Beg, borrow or steal but eat it.

Deemed to be the most nutritious tree on earth.

Unfortunately it is not available to me in my area of Canada. 

My husband sometimes takes certified organic Moringa  leaf 760mg capsule. 

Brand :organic Veda. Ancient Greenfield Pvt Ltd Coimbatore, India. 

With so much attention to balancing PD medication I got distracted from this natural supplement. 

A new attention to this wonderful tree offers a lot to PD patients. 

Your post was a while back but it's ever valid.

Thank you


Thank  you.  Whatever I know / come across , I share for  the benefits of  fellow sufferers , this is very little what I can give back to the world !!


Yes leojohn, Moringa is available in Canada... We live in British Columbia, and are distributors for Zija International which offers the world's most efficacious Moringa Oleifera. Their moringa is grown in the sub-Himalayan region of India, and their pharmaceutical grade facilities are in Salt Lake city, Utah. The products are NSF certified (3rd party verification so you know you are getting the best of the best), and the testimonials of people using this product are nothing short of miraculous... The Zija Core Moringa Supermix product is the one I would recommend, as a shade-dried Moringa powder (up to 40 times more potent than green or cooked Moringa), made from the leaves, the seeds and the fruit of the tree... It is in the combination of the 3 that you get the full benefit of the plant... Most of the vitamins are in the leaves, and most of the minerals are in the fruit, while most of the Omegas are in the seeds. You can learn more about Zija's Moringa at, and can place an order online at MyNHR.Shop but be SURE to enrol as a "wholesale member" to save 25% on the purchase price... Wholesale Enrolment is FREE right now and the $25 enrolment fee is waived right now if you use the promo code nhr2018 when you place your order right now... Please feel free to get back to me with any questions, we would be happy to send you a sample, although Zija also offers a 30 day money back guarantee, so feel free to simply place your order online and see for yourself, why it i called the "Miracle Tree"... Zija ships throughout Canada, USA & in 50+ Countries all around the globe...


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