My (his) Journey with Parkinson's..natural approach


"Sometimes, when I attempt to move or perform a function, my body simply does not respond. For instance, I may be standing at the kitchen counter and when I attempt to turn to the left or right, my feet will refuse to move [my mother often said I would someday pay for my restless behaviour], and it may take me several attempts before I can actually move themAnd yet, I can do knee raises with ease. Similarly, quite often when I’m cutting open an avocado for my morning smoothie I find it difficult to move my hand around the fruit. And yet if I put the knife down and throw my arms up in the air to perform exploding hands, again, I can do it with ease. It also helps me finish cutting the avocado.

In this same vein, I find that big, fast, aggressive movements work really well. For example, I find it really helpful when I’m getting dressed. If I attempt to put on my pants normally, I struggle, but if I use big, fast, aggressive movements, I can do it with relative ease. The same holds true for soaping down in the shower, toweling down after the shower and pretty much any activity or task. I find that even doing things that require a delicate touch go better if I use big, fast, aggressive movements prior to doing them. Try it and see what works best for you.

In addition to the ones I’ve already mentioned, there are lots of exercises you can practice:

◾Jumping jacks

◾Swinging your arms in big circles

◾Karate kicks and strikes


◾Any sport [baseball, soccer, etc.]


In addition to easing the day to day neurotransmitter imbalance challenges, I believe movement exercises also have the potential to slow the progression of the condition and contribute to recovery from it."

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  • Regards the comment on exercise, am in strong agreement.....recommend focus on LSVT BIG Physical Therapy, which is specifically directed to PD.


  • Boxing

  • Thanks for your advice about using big, fast, agressive movements. I'm going to start trying that right away.

  • thank you for your timely ideas, roy. i shal try to do that the next time i have a freezing episode.

    and merry Christmas to you and yours.


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