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For whom the pill tolls

Response by us all to the same medication is different.Why?[menstruation,physical injury emotional state,exercise and diet are a few things that influence]Its why we have good days and bad.

Hans Selye noted this in the 1930’s he called it stress in its various forms. The body has response mechanisms more subtle than the drama of ‘fight or flight’ or ‘shock’.He called these responses


The proof of that is ourselves 80% of our dopamine cells are dead or not functioning before the symptoms challenge our lives.Should we have noticed,did we ignore something and as a consequence did our bodies shut down dopamine or minimise production because they ran out of options.

Have we become dependent on medicine do we expect it to fix us.

We get a prescription a set amount at a set time,regulated automated prescribing. Whose listening to your body,can you take less should you take more? Your in charge 24/7.

Alternatives to medication are frequently shared or promoted they usually involve ingesting something or participation in an activity .

The value of these options in addition to any real benefits is choice and freedom. and the resultant by product, perhaps,that they motivate us to do something positive for ourselves. Something empowering beyond regulation and that’s what attracts.Is this the paradox effect,the placebo in action.

How many people are satisfied with there there medication regime.Are you ? YES or NO

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I am--with the DBS I use a combination of alleopathy and naturopathy-working great!! How do I know what when you may ask?? I am re-learning how to attend to what my body needs. Talk about empowering myself-wow!! Fancy that-ain't human differences great?




NO, I am not satisfied with my regime. Tomorrow I finally (took 3 months to get an appointment) see a new Parkinson's neurologist. Am I looking for a miracle, perhaps!


New Doctor,New prescription,hmmmm ? New you..Make a list of your PD problems.Single words,list them in order of priority.What bothers you most.If you solve one issue,it may solve a few.A new neuro,what would he prescribe on the basis of your symptoms not knowing, your previous sript how would you feel if he gave you the same prescription with the same or different instructions for taking it.


Thanks, Balderdash. He is the author of many books. Also, he incorporates natural treatments, which I am very much interested in. I will have my current health records with me. We shall see.


Satisfied with my medication regime? Absolutely NOT! I fear taking them and what they are doing to my mind and body over time, yet I fear suffering with the PD symptoms even more I guess, because I keep taking them. I was diagnosed about 12 years ago in my early 40's and fought going on meds for the first few years, until the frustration, depression and anxiety took over and functioning was becoming an issue. I fought giving into the disease for years, wanting to keep control, wanting to keep my job, our farm, my life. Finally the burden became too much, I was a wreck and just couldn't do it all any more. I left my job a year and a half ago, sold our livestock a few months ago and moved to a smaller, brighter, easier kept home and the farm is up for sale. Though my husband was against it all, I just had to find an easier way to live or throw in the towel. My life is easier, I am happier, have a better outlook, but find myself totally questioning my meds and no longer trusting that my doctors have my best interest at heart. No one listens to me! I hate meds...I hate how they make me feel, I hate being dependent on them, I hate the side effects, I fear the long term risks and yet they keep wanting to prescribe more! If I complain about something...there's a med for that! I don't sleep more than a few hours at a time, have lost weight and muscle, my blood pressure is quite low, I have little ambition, light headedness, poor balance, constipation, trouble swallowing and poor concentration. I drink allot of coffee, have no idea what to eat or not to eat or when to eat. I have asked to be referred to a dietitian, but they refuse. I would love to go to a homeopathic doctor or someone with far more knowledge than I concerning natural remedies, but insurance doesn't cover it. Sorry for my rant, guess I got a bit carried away, my usual response is, "I'm fine".


Rant away,I understand your despair and frustration.I was diagnosed 11yrs ago,My PD was quite advanced.I couldnt not take meds I had a home to pay for and teenage sons and I was on my own.Itook my first meds before I left the hospital,I had never been ill and never taken medication before, not even a headache pill.I read as much as I could about it,didnt like what I read so pretended I didnt have it.Told no one,who was I fooling and I was making it so much harder.Decided to leave my job,selll my house.I honestly think if I hadnt made those decisions when I did my PD would have got worse quickly

Not easy decisions to make at the time felt a sense of failure and defeat.9yrs on its the best decision,I could have made.My PD is worse but Ifeel more confident with managing it.Medication is something I manage myself.I consider myself as well informed as my neuro with the added lived life experience,I am ahead of him.I havnt changed my prescription for a long time, but ive juggled it tweeked it,adapted it to suit my life and my needs.Ive actually reduced it recently,as I was having some dyskinesia.Taken a few months but iI am very happpy with it at the moment.Farming is a tough life especially if youve got livestock ,I think you had to make the decision you did and you put it off for a long time.I hope it proves to be a positive move forward for you and your family in the long run.Good luck


Well said

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Thanks for reminding of this post. I am still of the same opinion


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