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Seasonal Flash Polls!!!

As you know, Parkinson’s Movement periodically runs a series of what we call flash polls on a given subject. This provides useful information for Parkinson’s Movement and is also, we hope, a bit of seasonal fun for participants.

There is a lot of interest at the moment in recreational drugs and Parkinson’s. Despite the level of interest, surprisingly little is actually known with any certainty. In part this is understandable because of the illicit nature of many of these drugs.

Since polls on this site are anonymous, we thought it would be interesting to get some idea of the use of recreational drugs. Because we’re a patient community, we feel that we can answer these questions probably better than our medical colleagues. So over the next week we plan to post 7 polls 1 a day starting tomorrow.

We would really appreciate your help with these polls so if you can take a minute each day, that would be brilliant.

Many thanks,

Jon (Parkinson’s Movement)

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I'm guessing that "recreational drugs" includes cannabis and, in particular, cannabidiol (CBD). I recently went to see a 'movement specialist' (since my regular MD was so completely clueless when it comes to current nutritional & supplemental options that may provide some relief for PD symptoms). Since I happen to be living in one of the US states where "medicinal cannabis" is among those options, I was immediately given a general prescription for cannabis of any & every form available at the local weed dispensaries. I've tried CBD in various doses because of its purported neuroprotective and antioxidant properties (CBD unlike THC doesn't produce the usual 'high'). Unfortunately, I've only indulged on a couple occasions thus far and I have yet to experience any definitive benefits... I would, however, love to hear of anyone who has had more experience with this or any other drugs of the 'recreational' class.

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