Lovely day

Today was bright but chilly, no gale force winds so I wrapped up warm and set off for my exercise. I can't say run as that stops after a couple of minutes but I walk a bit then get back to running. Body gives in to struggle and I walk. It is frustrating when I used to be able to run 17 miles but as all PD recuits know we can't look back...

I miss my exercise when other things get in the way. Uphill a beast and I walk with my swinging right arm and stationary left


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  • Hi Lestur. How long have you been diagnosed? Do you know about the production of GDNF in the damaged part of your brain, when you do vigorous walking? To save me giving you the whole long spiel about it here, Look at my posts on HU about GDNF, MAO-b Inhibitors, Walking, Exercise, Medication etc. I have a website, which some other users of this website object to me mentioning. It is a pity because it has almost everything a patient needs to know about reversing Pd.

    I have had Pd since 1963, which is 51 years now. I was only diagnosed in 1992 and since 2002 I have not needed to take any Pd medication. If you would like to speak to me personally email me at

    Kind regards


  • Hi John,

    I started running in the late 70s when I was diagnosed as diabetic type 1and they wouldn't let me do a parachute jump. I've never cracked 4 hours in the marathon usually because sugar levels went wrong or as happened once the crowd of runnersd parted and I was falling over a 3 foot high orange cone! I was diagnosed in 2006 but had with hindsight noticed I'd been struggling for more than 10 years before then.

    Will email after I've worn my hand out writing Xmas cards and can read website.



  • Hi Les. I am extremely interested in what you have told me here. I have been asked the question on this website, "Do I know of any athlete who has been able to reverse his/her Pd by doing fast walking?" Or words to that effect.

    Have you been able to improve any of your symptoms as the result of running a marathon or doing the training?

    I look forward to hearing from you by email.

    Kind regards


  • I have been racewalking and running with PD, which I didn't know I had, for 10 years or more, even did the NYC marathon racewalking in 4.20 which I consider good. There is nothing wrong with our bodies only the brain which we have to discipline by talking to it...."Now move that arm back and forth, lift that foot up and down." It works for me. I've been diagnosed one year and started having tremor a year and a half ago. Get out there and do your best and it will be good enough!

  • Hi racerCP I did NYC in the early 80s. I love sprinting as I can go fairly PD free for 100m when body flows...

  • Good! My kind of person. I wish I could do one more marathon for "The Cause"...the thought of the training period gives me some hesitation.

  • Yes the training is daunting especially as it might take me 6 hours on a good day! Power to your positivety and may our bodies not give in for a while longer

  • I walked 3 miles every day at a fast pace. My friend and I did this for 23 yrs; then I fell and broke my elbow and 9mos. later, fell and broke my ankle. End of walking. Now, I ride a bike 5 miles everyday. Living in the Midwest, it is a stationary one when the weather turns cold. My Neurologist feels the yrs. of walking kept my early onset from progressing. I probably had the beginnings of PD 30 yrs ago when I lost my sense of smell for no reason. I was only diagnosed 7 yrs ago when I developed a tremor after I quit walking.

    So, I feel your frustration at not being able to do what we did in the past; but I guess we just have to come up with alternatives so we can keep active. I also do Tai Chi twice a week, which has really helped with balance issues.

    Good luck in your quest to get uphill without a struggle!

  • Good luck to you Fenian5, I know how I feel after a day with exercise and days without. I found Tai Chi hard to cope with as tremors got worse by the end of the session but will persist. I'm lucky I can ride outside but tend to stick off main roads as we, Dorset habitants, rarely have the weather to send us indoors for long.

    Keep smiling and moving x

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