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When I was told, there is something wrong,

I knew at that moment, I had to be strong.

When the doctor said you have Parkinson's disease.

I thought for a moment, and felt strangely at ease.

Finally, a name that's not just your nerves.

But what is this thing that is inside of me?

Then I felt scared and a little reserved.

My eyes filled up, I wanted to flee.

As time past, I researched all I could

This is a progressive disease with no cure in sight.

I now understand and will continue to fight.

I exercise each morning, as I know I should.

I began cycling to build my strength.

Knowing I will have to go to great lengths,

To fight and delay Parkinson's disease.

We all have times when we get the blues,

As soon as that happens, it's time to defuse.

I call a friend, and talk for some time,

this help's me to feel just fine.

My writings are a gift I recently received.

I want to share my blog,

" Living Life to the Fullest With Parkinson's Disease. "

God Bless You!

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Thank you


Well done you! Stay strong.




Movinngroovin, I did a search and found the link below. I believe this is Margie's site:


Very inspiring...everything I have wanted to say but couldn't...thank you


writing is indeed a gift we give ourselves and others.

It gives us all greater understanding and sustains PwPD

and carers. Thank you.


thanks Buddy!!


I am sorry my link didn't work. This is the correct one:



Margie, thanks so much for your poem and the link to your blog. Your description about your experiences growing up near the chemical plant is so shocking. What a crime that that plant exposed so many people to those toxins and affected so many lives. It's just terrible. You're wonderful to have such a positive attitude. Bless your heart!



Thank you. I try not to dwell on the negative and look at the positive . I know what it did to me, but I worry about the other ones that have suffered in silence. I am so blessed.


I enjoyed your poem very much especially "you felt strangely at ease" I identified with that immediately. There was a name to my symptoms. It's strange though I've never ever got upset or frightened by it I'm blessed that way. frustrated maybe when I can't run around doing this and that but at those times I sit infront of my computer and the poetry comes out and I get absorbed by words and the pleasure of anticipation as to where it will bring me. Something I would never have had interest in before pd. I believe now that everyone has capabilities lying dormant within them but they can't surface till something like pd comes along and makes you dig deeper. Happy findings everyone x


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