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Two Poems inspired by "I'm Trying" by Jupiterjane

Required Reading:

Jupiterjane's words sir me at many levels. My first poem "Never" has an obvious linage to "I'm Trying" so I thought it an appropriate response. The second, "Our Memory Scaffold" wanders somewhat far afield, and doesn't seem appropriate as a Reply. In my heart, I know it is inspired by "I'm Trying", but I can't fully explain how or why. My Poems:



Let us sit a spell


The truth we'll tell

For you

Whom I call my friend

Never expect

The truth I'll bend

Ask me


I said


My health?

Please that's too gory


Expect to hear that story

"I'm fine"

Perhaps a lie

All I'll tell

Until I die

The standard

in our society

Nothing different

for PWP


Our Memory Scaffold

Our lives we craft

to state our will,

a scaffold of memories

we purposefully build.

Crafted of poems,

quilts or bridges;

Each selects

their personal images.

The purpose?

Perhaps not so clear,

What is it

that our life holds dear?

In the present

Friends relate,

In the future,

Our true estate.

The next generation,

Did us know;

shared our scaffold

helped it grow.

That generation,

Honoring its place

Keeps us alive

beyond the chase.

Each generation

so much to do:

respect the past

raise the new.

So time wins,

our scaffold crumbles,

our memories

reduce to mumbles.

And we pass on

finally at rest,

Our memories were cherished

We are blessed!

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Well if you can not make a go of your coconut plantation, you could probably make a living writing songs . Very Good, Thanks

Thanks a lot


Interesting insight!

First: We do not raise coconuts, but we do live on 10 acres and raise pecans and Iris. The Iris are a hobby we have several hundred different plants.

Second: I've never really thought of myself as a songwriter, but have been part of one song. About a year ago one of the contributors DeParkeyPoet published nine lines: Joe has no laces in his shoes, With each line ending the ooze sound: news, shoes, etc. I had a spark and responded with six lines each of which ended in an O sound: hello, pillow etc. Another contributor blondir is a songwriter from England. He saw our poetry and composed a song. He then added some really nice visual effects; the whole file comes to 87 MB too large to display and this post. We need to get it online somewhere, it was fun and all brought together because the Parkinson's.




I assume that you refer to the musical piece.

Let me state concisely what is scattered to the prose above. The file is quite large 87 MB. I think that youTube can handle things this large but I know of no other well-known venue. It was put together by a three-man effort certainly anything we do to publicize it has to be approved by consensus. We have a general agreement that we will make it public provided that it helps benefit Parkinson's awareness. What we have right now needs an introduction to satisfy that last requirement. Getting this thing public is on my to do list but I have some very pressing matters that I have to tend to right now so there will be some delay. We will post a notice when it is available.

Thank you for your interest.


Two very deep poems. You are gifted with a kaleidoscope of words which I would love to have. They remind me of poems that students have to dissect , understand and form meaning off. Wonderful. I shall read again and do just that ..thank you


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