Liquid instead of tabs??

My GP surgery is a dispensing one, they don't seem to be able to order items without the main GP's say so. I have asked this morning if we can have our prescriptions dispensed elsewhere, our GP is a 12 mile round trip and can be an absolute pain. My husband could do without the trip, I don't drive, and we have a mentally handicapped family member who we care for 24/7 we are all on meds, and our house is absolute mayhem from dawn to dusk!!!!!! with mega massive stress. So when my husband went to collect his PD meds this morning and was sent back with 8 bottles Amantadine oral suspension???? because they cant get the capsules well i flipped my lid, how on earth do they expect someone with tremor to take liquids???????????? when i spoke to the local Morrisons pharmacist I was told they have the caps its not a problem there is no shortage????? but the GP said as they are a dispensing surgery we can't take our scripts anywhere else, just having a right good groan sorry everyone can't think straight this week at all any views most welcome xxx

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  • What appalling service. Are there any surgeries and pharmacists nearer where you can get the service that you deserve.

    Regarding the liquid medication I would guess that they were waiting for a delivery and knowing that getting to the surgery is difficult for you, gave you the liquid so you could go straight home without a long wait. If you can take the liquid form then at least you will get a faster response.

  • And don't the pharmacy have delivery service for those who can only get about with difficulty.

  • no Pete-1 no delivery service, I am looking into why it is set in concrete that we have to have our prescriptions from the doctors surgery just because they are a dispensing surgery. I ask you if a Parkie has tremor how on earth are they to get a spoon of meds safely to their mouth without spilling it, and what is there to say you are getting the correct dosage with spills and drips, with the capsules it is so simple and straight forward. xxx

  • My surgery is also a dispensing one; likewise they have recently not been able to procure Amantadine in the capsules. I therefore took my prescription in liquid form. The first bottle ended up half on the floor so I purchased a syringe but alas this did not work due to my lack of dexterity. Whoever made the decision to restrict the supply of capsules has clearly never experienced Parkinson's first hand. It is a ludicrous situation. When I told our dispensary of my difficulty they suggested several alternative dispensing establishments, such as hospital, that may hold supplies. Shame on your surgery for failing to put the patient first.

  • Do you think the restriction of the capsules is made by the surgery? or is it the suppliers? I ended up getting some capsules this evening after a long drawn out battle with the general manager of the surgery (bit of a pompous git) (sorry)! kept talking over me as if I was stuck to his shoe, dam jobs worth!! I ask you, I wonder how we will be penalised at the surgery from now on over other matters but without us knowing, just because we would not take no for answer. They eventually gave us a script to take elsewhere in this instance. I have been told by 2 Pharmacists that the reason why some surgeries are struggling to get them is because the (Symmetral) spelling? is not available anymore only Amantadine, and the surgeries are trying to order the other name, and of course it is not available as it no longer EXISTS!!!!!! hey ho !

  • OMWord, poor you having such a difficult surgery to deal with. Have you tried talking to your GP? Are they perhaps unaware of the attitude coming out of the dispensary? Bad form if the general manager is equating PD with deaf & stupid. I will ask at my surgery re spelling issue, but I was rather under the impression that it is a supplier problem.

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