may you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Dx two years ago and at that time was not upset.

In the first weeks that followed, as I researched, I cried.

In the following weeks and months I adjusted my diet, first with coconut oil then modified ketogenic.

Recently I stopped the keto diet but now more conscious of carbs and sugar. I reduced CO to two tbsp./day. My wife says she noticed a positive difference when on CO.

On weight, I lost about 40#s without the necessity of counting calories.

How are you doing?

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  • Why did you stop the Keto diet? Did you feel it wasn't helping? And why reduce the CO?

  • Keto was not helping and I believe what I read and what a doctor told me about CO. Two tblsp is the therapeutic level

  • I thought you all could use some Christmas spirit! Sooooooooooooo, turn up your speakers and enjoy!!!

    'Flash opera' at Macy's

  • Thank-you that was fun. I always enjoy Flash Shows. Merry Christmas to you RoyProp .

  • Hi RoyProp,

    I find your posts interesting because of the many ways you try to deal with PD in your life. Do you take meds and when did you start? I understand you've been diagnosed just two years ago. I'm diagnosed 10 mos ago but tremor started a year and a half ago. You seem to be a taking things in your own hands and seeking accommodating solutions. I seem to remember a thread between you and Johnpepper that you are taking meds.

  • I am not taking meds. Avoiding the med side effects that may be worse than the PD. I think I have the Tremor Dominant form of Parkinson's. Not the (PIGD) Posture Instability Gait Disorder.

    Recently I am off and on with taking CO as I try to determine its efficacy. The other day I read that a Parkie can die in as little as two years from dx. I also read that without med treatment, mortality is 9 years. With starting meds early or at dx, mortality at 15 years. I have taken abuse from other members for writing such dire predictions, but I am just reporting what I read. Like the research variations that those with Parkinson's have normal life expectancy and then you read research that says a lot fewer years. I do not like a disease that is so unpredictable :) as what one can expect as and when the disease progresses or its outcome. I would like to know what I can expect in six months, one year, five years. Speaking of five years, that is the time lapse from first dx that afterwards a neuro can give you a better picture of what personally the disease is or how its likely to progress.

  • Great attitude. I hope you keep reporting on the website. I am hopeful of not taking meds as well. A very dear friend had PD diagnosed in early 50s, took meds because he had the PIGD from the start and lived 22 years before contracting stomach cancer and died. Oddly enough two of his close friends who had attended the same high school and university also died of stomach cancer at around the same age and his mother and grandmother died of the disease at a much earlier age. I don't think PD had anything to do with his demise. PD is progressive regardless of what you take but nobody knows the time from one level to another so keep up the jumping jacks. Does alcohol moderate your tremor at all? It does mine for shorter and shorter time spans and since I don't relish becoming an alcoholic I moderate in frequency and volume.

  • I do not drink alcohol or use marijuana.

  • I was told that if alcohol stops your tremor you have essential tremor and not PD but, unfortunately I know I have PD so the only avenue of hope is staying otherwise healthy and active and in that spirit alcohol should be avoided. I don't take marijuana because I am incapable of smoking anything.

  • Parkies don't have tremors while they are sleeping. If that is right, should I take non-habit forming sleeping pills during the day? I see my next "research" project.

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