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Thank you

Thank you for your best wishes and support. I am humbled by your concern . It has A tough month for me. Everyday brings about something new. I have been in contact with the specialist and I will figure it out . I enjoyed a peaceful sleep last night. Not sure why but I am not going to question it. Amazing what we take for granted.

I don't know what tomorrow or next week will bring but as long as I am vertical it will be good.

It is a comfort knowing others are listening especially in the middle of the night.

Today is a clear day - thanks you for listening .

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Sorry that things are not going well for you. I hope you and your Consultant will be able to improve things for you. I do not sleep well and am often on line during the night. I will be only too glad of the company. The nights are something I dread. Parkinsons is horrible because we never know what it has in store for us. It is almost impossible to plan anything in advance and others do not appreciate what we are going through. I make a list of things to discuss with my Consultant otherwise I remember them as I am coming out of the door. Too late!! Take care.


I have had Parkinson for at least 8 years, and really a lot longer. They say before you are diagnosed with PD that you loose 80% of your Dopamine. In other words you are father advanced then if they could find it quicker, DON'T BE DISCOURAGED. you can live a long life with it. I WILL TELL YOU ONE THING, TRUST IN THE LORD AND KEEP A positive attitude. I can tell you it works.


hello cybersue,

I am sorry that things are extra tough for you at the moment.

I live in New Zealand, so I guess you and I have access to different remedies and medications maybe, but I am taking Madopar for my PD, and I have found that taking a high dose of Magnesium before I go to bed helps with the bad cramp I was getting in the night, also helps to relax a bit, and I also take Tart Cherry Sleep Plus, and Restful Sleep. Both these seem to help, not a magic fix, and I still have some not-so-good nights, but the better outnumber the worse at the moment. I have checked with my doctor and none of these react with each other, so are quite safe to take. And remember, the odd sleeping pill isn't going to make the sky fall on your head either. Survival is what it's all about.

Keep Going! :)

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Thanks for the suggestions. I will definately look into them . I am a hardy northerner from central Canada and the changing weather is definately a factor.


You are welcome. My prayers are with you.


Hi cybersue. Just take one day at a time. Remember. What you put in is exactly what you will get out; no more, no less. If you don't put anything into getting better then you won't get anything out. Make a plan to start walking and stick to it. Don't do it every day, do it every second day. Oh! And you can take Sundays off.

Have you looked at my website, yet?


I use Phenergan 10mg if I have had a bad night the night before. I take it about half an hour before I get into bed. It shouldn't react with any drugs, but check with your Pharmacist or Doctor.


Phenergan is a no-no for pwp check with pd material. it was my go-to rx before--no more. sorry.


Glad I could help you This disease needs a lot of support from other Patients.


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