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My gran has Parkinsons and Dementia

Hello All

My gran was recently diagnosed with Parkinsons and lewy body dementia. She has been suffering badly from the disturbed sleep and hallucinations.

What have people found on here that helps best for their sleep and nightmares?

She's currently on levodopa which is controlling her shakes but she has lost quite a bit of weight recently due to being off her food at times.

thanks for your help

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Hi Trekster. I came across a patient last week, who is on sinemet and pexola. He takes the pexola to stop the dyskinesia, which he has because of the high dosage of sinemet. He is having severe hallucinations and he was advised by his neurologist to stop taking the pexola, which causes the hallucinations. He says that when he stops the pexola his dyskinesia is so bad that he cannot function at all. He obviously has to take less sinemet but hell, I'm not a neurologist. I am astounded every time I hear of cases like this. Is your gran on any other medication, other than levodopa?



Apart from paracetamol I cant think of anything else shes on. Will double check about the pexola to make sure she's not on it.


Hi trekster. No Pd medication affects the progression of Pd. So! Whether you take any of the medication or not, it will not slow the Pd down, at best it will only temporarily relieve one or two of the symptoms of the Pd. If your gran has not noticed any improvement in any of her symptoms then she might as well stop taking it. I don't know if anyone else has had hallucinations from taking any of the levodopa medications, perhaps someone can help me on this one.




I do not believe hallucinations are due to levodopa I believe it might be due to the lewy body dementia.




Yes she has that too, I will ask if her GP could try her on mirtazapine she has reactive depression anyway so might help both problems.


She has found her symptoms are improved on levodopa but I was hoping for something to help her nightmares


Have a look to the use of medical cannabis/marijuana. In the forum you will find some useful info about it.



Not sure where you live or what is your view about medical cannabis. In any case have a look to these links and be surprised. Keep any eye too on the use of medical cannabis/marijuana for Parkinson in Israel.

Weed [1080p HD] - CNN Special Dr Sanjay Gupta 2013 Documentary Full English


Taylor French BEFORE and AFTER treatments with Medical Cannabis for Parkinson's Disease


Cannabis and Parkinson Disease

By the way regarding synthetic Levodopa you might want to have a look to Mucuna Pruriens (natural Levodopa). Have a look to the forum link regarding Mucuna Pruriens.


There is a new book that covers very well the Mucuna Pruriens with a lot of references, it is a must to read.

"Mucuna versus Parkinson: Treatment with natural levodopa" by M.D. Rafael Gonzalez Maldonado


Remember NOT to take protein and levodopa at the same time/meal. The both fight to get the same bus at the intestine and protein has priority. ;-)



My husband's hallucinations and delusions were controlled pretty well by Rivastigmine. It worked well for 2 and a half years. However, during the last 6 months they have returned again. Worth asking your doctor about.


Thanks to all who've replied about my grans health it is much appreciated.


Just heard grans been on 2 different types of antibiotics and her sleeping is better. She's had better nights but im really annoyed with the hospital that didn't make sure something inside her wasn't changed. As a result it was seeming with bacteria when it came out 2 months later!


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