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PD management by Yoga, Breathing, Prayer Naturopathy and Ayurvedha

Yesterday I had been to Vivekananda Yoga Center in Bangalore . I could not meet Dr R Nagarathna, Chief Medical Officer ; but I met Dr. Vijayakumar , who happens to take care of PD Patients. They have holistic approach for any problem , Naturopathy, Ayurvedha, Yoga , Allopathy & Physiotherapy. As per him 30 % of PD patients he has come across are with Drug Induced Parkinson ; according to him the synthetic Levadopa makes neurotransmitter inactive thereby driving the patients to totally rely on synthetic dopamine. There approach will be to manage PD by activating neurons by Yoga , Breathing , Diet , Prayer and Ayurvedic Meds ; if it does not improve , then they would recommend synthetic Med .

They have impressive campus and Panchakarma treatments, I will plan to take up PD management at above facility soon and give feedback. . I feel that the charges are quiet reasonable .

One of these days , I will also visit Art of Living " Sri Sri Ravishankar Panchakarma Treatments " ; appears that they have similar treatments as Vaidhyaratnam , but may be expensive due to luxury ambiance.

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r u in Bangalore ???? I m


Yes sir ; how about you ?? You are free to contact me on Mob :9945076565, mail :


This is a really interesting post. I'd love to hear updates of how you do there, and how effective yoga is for Parkinson's.


Definitely I will update on my experience at Vivekananda Yoga University . I plan to go there during mid Dec 2014, try to stay there for 2 weeks.


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