Global Scream: Caregivers of the World Unite!

In support of the victims of neurological diseases and their caregiver's we are asking you to participate in a "Global Scream: Caregiver's of the World Unite", 3:00 PM, time England, outside of your own front door, step outside and scream for 30 seconds. You will be joined be millions of screaming caregivers and patients worldwide. Please Join us. Please pass this message on.

Jill Montgomery

Father died in 2009, at the age of 99, with Parkinson's Disease (PD)

Husband dying of Progressive Supra-Nuclear Palsy (PSP)

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  • 30 seconds. I assume this is but a jolly jape only that'd be enough for people to call the police to investigate the terrible goings on at number 26. Then a little later Mr' Plod could quite reasonably start to look for those responsible for wasting police time. On the plus side I suppose there could be some publicity generated from this - hmmm perhaps. lol lol lol lol.

  • I never feel like screaming, so I'll join in by giving my husband a 30 second hug. If I screamed, especially for 30 seconds, I would wreck my voice, scare my poor husband, and our neighbours would call the police (they already think we're a bit weird).

    Seriously, I'm sure lots of caregivers and people with PD do feel like screaming sometimes, or crying (I did when my husband was first diagnosed), but surely it is better to encourage calm acceptance and brave determination to make the best of a bad situation. I don't like to focus too much attention on the negative side of our lives as I think you can attract more negativity to you. I'd rather focus on what we can do to make things the best they can be, and being grateful for what we have rather than what we wish we had.

    For those who need to vent, go ahead and scream. Hopefully it will drum up the support you need and help you rise to the challenge you've been given. Maybe at the end of that scream it would help to shout, "I need help!" or "I need a hug!"

  • Bless you. I try to do both. Scream and accept and scream and accept. But, a lass, I am burdened with my mother's Hungarian blood and we are screamers. Although I admire the calm acceptance of others. It, at this late date in my life, is not a possibility for me and I accept that.

    Doing the best we can in a sad and uncomfortable world, I send you my love,


    Costa Rica

  • There is also the famous silent scream! A moment of internal explosion, knowing that all over the world there are people thinking about suffering and pausing to feel not so very alone.


  • Just came in from was great and it felt like I was being "bad". And yes, the bad kids have more fun.


  • Does this include paid caregivers and home attendants ? I would be able to do a 30 second "ahhh'" in a high pitch like they teach us in Alexander Technique for pwp's. Stepping out my door at 3 p.m. GMT would be 9 a.m. EST? Might work here in NYC :D Might not attract too much attention. Considering the noise level.

  • I think that sounds perfect. And NYC would completely ignore the scream as usual.

    Gringa Gritana,


    Costa Rica

  • SCREAMED>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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