Difficulty in Rolling in Bed

I was diagnosed with PD during 2010. For 2 yrs ; no medicine , fine with yoga, walking and exercise . Since 2013 , I am totally on Ayurvedic ; Kappi Kachhu ( Indian MP) and Ashwagandharista , Yoga , walking & exercise 6.30am , 10.30am , skip afternoon as I take nap between 2pm to 3 pm ; do yoga and exercise during this time bit stiff & sometimes get cramps in left foot , toes & cuff muscle , last dose I take at 6.30pm ; which will last till 9pm ; go to bed by 9.15 - 9.30pm . Off-late ; I am experiencing problem in rolling in the bed . shifting from one side to other , I sleep on stomach without pillow ( for last 10 years i have been sleeping w/o pillow , as i had cervical problem ) . please any advise

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  • Welcome to the club. At the website "'PatientsLikeMe" 221 Parkinsonians out of 9000 reporting, complained about difficulty of turning over in bed.

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  • You are not medicated and treat your symptoms naturally. The exercises and regime you follow may have slowed down the progression of Parkinson's but I suspect it is still moving on.

    Many people find that wearing a 'silky' garment at night aids their ability to turn over.

    Without adding a L Dopa source into the mix I don't know what else to suggest. Sorry.

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  • I use satin-type sheets. I don't know where you are but follow the link (UK company) which shows you examples of the type I mean. They have also produced a bed sheet which you can take on your travels.


    Hope it helps.

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  • I find satin pjamas a great help cudnt manage turning in bed without them when my meds wear off ,I got the tip from a site 6 yrs ago it said silky sheet either but not both together or you would end up on the floor ha .

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  • I wear 'slippery' satin Pj's. Makes a big difference for me. I make sure I have a sturdy night table to grab to help me in turning also.

  • My husband has a bed lever that he can grab onto to help him get in and out of bed independently. Social services supplied it.

    We tried satiny sheets but we didn't get on with them! Can't remember why now.

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  • John Argue has a DVD on Parkinson's Disease and Adapted Living. There is a section on Moving in Bed. Shows how to do it......I have found his recommendations extremely helpful. He has a website, google it, DVD can be purchased from his website.


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  • Physical therapy helped my husband a lot to move and turn on this side. Also, when he gets up for the bathroom, he can get up and down better and them position himself for sleep. He's on carbidopa/levodopa now and amantidine so he has more control over movements at night, doesn't get as stiff, isn't what I call 'Lost In Space."

    This can help in getting in and out of bed. The physical therapist recommended this one, Transfer Handle Bed rail.

    I do imagine that someone could make one for less. It has a 3x3 board that holds it under the mattress. amazon.com/The-Transfer-Han...

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  • Th bed grab rail can be invaluable . Take care if you bed happens to be very high Purs was . he now uses a hospital bed which can be lowered . Although now is even hoisted

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  • I keep the room temperatures about 68 degrees so I don't need heavy blankets and sleep nude... much easier to slip around without getting tied up in the sheets. Also easier to get up and dressed when "off" in the am.

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  • I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 15 years ago.

    At my very first visit with my neurologist she suggested I might want to purchase silk or satin sheets to ease any problems I might have with turning over in bed.

    My choice was to purchase linen or high thread - count sheets. (get them on sale or at a discount store). Add a nice comforter or quilt of soft smooth fabric. Try to do away with a top sheet (less to get tangled in).

    And last bit not least- splurge on a nice pair of satin or silk pj's. You might feel like Cary Grant or Katherine Hepburn.

    Here's to a better night's sleep!

    ~ Nanlang


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