Position of relief from foot dystonia

I am experiencing more off time with increasing foot cramping, bad enough to put me on my hands and knees. Serendipity strikes! I was so tired I crawled up to a couch and rested my upper body on it. Still on my knees I pressed the top of my foot into the carpet which shut down the cramp. This was so relaxing I stayed there for a long time. Finally the levodopa kicked in and I could sit and stand. It has helped several times. I'm scheduled for DBS in December, maybe the fix.

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  • I hope your surgery brings you much relief.

  • DBS is only designed to stop your shaking it does not stop the progression or issues of Parkinson. When I had DBS, the implants both sides of the brain, I was impressed with how fast the shaking stopped. Sorry for the cramps, I had them bad in my arms, I used 100% lavender oil and it really works.

  • For my dystonia I take baclofen and clonazepam. I also get botox injections into the bottom of my feet.

  • Horseplay,

    My doctor started me on Clonazepam thirteen years ago to stop my tremors at night as I was unable to sleep even with a sandbag on my leg. It worked like a charm and I am still taking it 1mg three times a day and that is only because I am unable to kick it. I have tried weaning off twice but it is a long and tedious process and I have not been successful. The thing that scares me is that it now seems there is a link to Alzheimer’s. Just thought I’d let you know before you get too deep.

  • in the past i have had many cramps , especially in my feet and legs. then my husband suggested "calcium lactaid." it contains magnesium and can be bought at a health food store. i take two in the morning and two at night. now it is extremely rare to get cramps. , and when i do it's much less pain then i ever had hoped for. it's worth a try. good luck, judi

  • Well that's great, I don't recall anyone else on HU that has had such success treating cramp. Must remember calcium lactaid.

    Apart from magnesium I wonder what else you would find in that preparation apart from calcium?

  • For foot cramp or 'charlie horse' people are often told is to put their foot on the cold floor.

    To forestall this we had a yoga demonstration (for our PD group) and we all tried using a small ball to 'release' tightness in the foot and encourage the muscles to relax. My spouse has the PD but this worked for several people in the group.

  • pete , i,m so happy that you like this, i sure wouldn't want to run out. good luck, judi

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