Has anyone got cured from parkinson ?

A lot of research is going on PSP Parkinson. Anyone is participating ? My mother has developed PSP and her condition is deteriorating rapidly and I feel I am only a mute spectator and helpless ..

I am sharing the medical reports and short video of my mother .


Looking forward when a cure for PSP will be found .

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  • What does PSP stand for?

  • Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

  • Is she taking medication? It appears to me she isn't taking any.

  • I am sharing the medical reports and short video of my mother .


    Since last one and 1/2 year we are giving the following medicine.

    1. Glavusmet 50/100 mg : Twice a day after food

    2. Vogilator MF 0.3 / 500 mg : Before Lunch

    3. Lantus injection @ Bedtime

    4. Ecospirin AV 75 mg @ After Dinner

    5. Syndopa Plus 125 Mg : 4 Tablets Daily

    6. Syndopa CR 250 Mg : After Dinner

    7. Rasalect 0.5 mg

    8. Physiotherapy

  • Parkinson's is still uncurable, sorry to say.

  • sorry, from meds it seems u r in India, try holistic therapies

  • what type of holistic therapies ?

  • India does have western medicine. I think it's wrong to give advice like you have done. Great White Male thinks he knows what's best for man he's never met.

  • body cleanses, massages, panchkarma, i m sure they ll help, if meds r not helping why toxify body more

  • Be very careful taking advise from people over the internet that offer no credentials. People just like me have wonderful opinions and sometimes they can suggest a direction to pursue further with professionals and sometimes they do not know what they are talking about. I am sorry that your Mother has PSP, she looks very determined in her daily struggle . PSP is similar to Parkinson's as you know, except there is no established recognized treatment. Obviously you already have professionals on the job suggesting medication that may help. I can only suggest that you contact The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke in the United States about clinical trials (that is what they do) and / or

    CUREPSP (Foundation for PSP|CBD and Related Brain Diseases)

    30 E. Padonia Road, Ste. 201

    Timonium, MD 21093 USA


    curepsp.org External link

    Tel: 410-785-7004 800-457-4777

    Fax: 410-785-7009

    They should tell you what you need to know about the latest information on treatment / trials or who is closer to you that they recommend you talk to:

    Good luck

  • Sir , I have contracted cureppsp.org . what I gather no known treatment for PSP. I cannot explain in words how hard it is to see someone dying . I only wonder what can I do ? Doctor came to see my mother yesterday and told that they only recommend medicine which are proven...they are not scientists ..

    According to him most neuro diseases are still uncurable today , we need more research.

    We are grown up with the belief that when you are ill, go to a doctor , he will give u medicine , u will be well . Sadly this is not true for neuro issues and we still have to know how the brain works.

    I am not a doctor , I am a IT professional and I was thinking how I contribute for bring out a cure to neuro issue . Will I remain a silent spectator ?

    I feel not .. I will try best of my abilities and bring out a cure .

    I was thinking of crowdfunding for focussed research for PSP. neuro problems .

    Comments requested.

    Siddharth Roychowdhury

    Calcutta / India

    +91 9883225454

  • By the way if you go to their website curepsp.org you can select from many different languages including Hindi.

  • Siddharth, you have my deepest sympathy. I sat by my mothers bed and watched her die of cancer, and all I could do was try to make her comfortable and unafraid. I think we are all more effective as part of a team than we are alone. I believe the organization that I gave you the website address for is the largest if not only organization in the world trying to find a cure for PSP. I would suggest that you offer your volunteer services and assistance to them. Your skills are probably what they need. I very much suspect that you will make a difference . Good luck


    By the way I noticed from their latest news release that "CurePSP is proud to announce the development of its first affiliate, CurePSP Canada." Perhaps you can work towards getting an affiliate CurePSP India.

  • Hi hmail4src - you can find a similar group like this on HealthUnlocked healthunlocked.com/psp/ that should be able to answer some of the questions you have

  • it's run by a UK PSP organization

  • ok sir .

  • I also like to share with you that besides Amantadine, I have also started homeopathy and improvement is observed. One Amantadine tablet daily morning has been added and One syndopa Plus has been reduced.

    My mother is currently able to sit in bed , hold tea cup , is talking & played ludo with my daughter yesterday to 30 mins.

    she is also having better appetite than earlier.

    I am sharing the medical reports and short video of my mother .


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