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It's life

My life with Parkinson's

Just recently I have come across several personal accounts of life living with this condition all beautifully written, insightful, demonstrating courage and pride. I'd like to add my own take. I have lived with PD for around 12 years now. My days are all different they vary as I have created a 100% flexible state that I can bend to mould my life seamlessly with my health. Somedays I'm more predisposed to certain things than others. This is why for me diversity is the key. One main thing organises and structures me and that's ME. I have to allow extra time for things, plan ahead, screen or select what I do. I make choices.

But hang on doesn't this sound just like life. Any life? After all we all have something that requires a little more thought. Something tricky and challenging. I'm surrounded by brave thoughtful, inspiring people who don't have PD, who aren't even ill. This is simply being the best you can be in the moment you are in.

So no this is not my life with Parkinson's it's just my life.


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hi coleen]

i loveyr posts always so positive !!

plz keep them coming

lol jill


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Hi Jill. Lovely to see a post from you. Not many names I recognise now so I tend not to post so often. Take care.



Succinct & spot on as ever.

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How true. We are all different and cope differently. No two days are the same. But that's life, isn't it? As Jill says - please keep them coming.

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Hi Colleen,

I like to think of analogies and or metaphors for ideas, beliefs and so on. Even I they are rubbish they still help to remind one of what ever has been said that has some special interest or merit. This latest post from super poster, Colleen HH, who posts like nobody else in this forum, reminds me of the method of farming, particularly useful in poor parts of the world where crop failure can be so drastic for all involved and that is to plant 2 different crops in the same plot of land.

This way the land is used highly flexibly, If one crop fails for reasons of unsuitable climate or fails due to an infestation by a certain insect that eats one crop in particular and for whatever reason is prospering this year. A field growing one crop that fails means that whole plot of land has been rendered useless, but 2 crops may mean the land and the cost of buying seed and cost in terms of effort has not been wasted.

I suppose if both crops are successful then harvesting might be a bit more awkward but I don’t expect you would hear too many farmers complaining about that. So this post is mostly about a flexible planned approach to PD life. I wonder if that analogy works for you?




It definitely makes sense to me, Pete. Well said.



You might find that your post promoting your book Shaking Hands is breaking forum rules for what is allowed in posts. I suggest you ask an administrator before someone complains and it gets removed. Contacting an admin first maybe you will be able to successfully argue that it should be allowed ???


Hi there.

Thank you for the gentle reminder that we are not defined by our symptoms and do not need to be victims of them. We are what we are and life goes on. By accepting rather than resisting, we can live a life of peace rather than struggle. Since my diagnosis 3 years ago, my life has blossomed and I am on an amazing journey of discovery. I have to thank my symptoms for that and am grateful to have the opportunity.


I recall your videos performing on a drum kit. Do you still play? I occasionally play on my sons kit and am amazed at how well I do and perform.


Hello hello

Yes I still drum and love it. Although there is a hot new love ( not the husband !! ) table tennis!

Pete : farming indeed.... Crops, pick your own, quad bikes, shooting..... Diversity forward backwards sideways.... PD to use a Star Trek expression ... To avoid assimilation !!!



The words hot and husband should never be used in the same sentence, ever. Perish the thought.

Don't you fancy yourself as a farmer? Too much diversity there. More can definitely be less!


What a lovely post, CHH! It helps me not be so scared of my new diagnosis. Thanks so much.

Leilani in Honolulu


Just what I needed at the moment. Thanks.


Wonderful example of positive thinking CHH, keeping yourself close alongside normal living and normal attitudes. You've held on to what many ill people lose - your self belief. Don't lose it.


Another beautiful post.


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