Does DBS help ability to walk?

I am scheduled for DBS soon and I am still apprehensive because my main problem is that I am losing the ability to walk. I have very little tremor. Has anyone one any experience with DBS helping or not helping their ability to move or walk? Also, in the mornings I cannot move when I wake up and my whole body aches. Does DBS help that? thanks

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  • I am looking forward to any replies you receive. I also feel like I am losing my ability to walk. I also have dyskenesia . I was evaluated for DBS surgery and was told that I was not the best candidate, but that it was my only option. I went for a 2nd opinion, and was told the same thing.. I am not anxious to have surgery if it is not going to help. I also worry that it might help for 6 months and then stop working. My doctor said my PD will progress whether I have surgery or not. The surgery is supposed to make it more tolerable. What did your doctor tell you? I would not think he would expect you to go through surgery if it is not going to help you.. It is a very difficult decision to make. You don't sound real confident that the surgery will help you. You remind me of myself. I wish I had answers for you.

  • thanks for your reply. The surgeon's team has been very positive that the surgery is the way to go. However, I have read that the surgery does not help walking. The doctors have said that whatever symptoms levodopa helps then the surgery should help. So 2 different opinions. I will see the doc in two days and ask more questions so I will get back to you with his answers.

  • Why did they say you weren't a good candidate for DBS?

  • Dr. Haq recommended I consider it, which I had already told him I wanted it. The Dr Laxton, my neurosurgeon, installed them both. I've done great with them, even had a battery swap out in 2016.

  • I had no balance or walking problems before DBS. I started them after DBS. I have no tremor, however. They may now know more about placement to improve walking since that's your predominant symptom. Ask if that's the case. It seems like they're not able to control every symptom with DBS, but depending on the symptom, they can determine the best placement. I feel like I've traded one bad for another bad, but I like my life better being tremor free, although having balance problems predisposes me to other, greater risks.

  • If the reason why you are having a hard time walkin is due to freezing, than DBS wil likely not work for you. I recently had DBS surgery and it had helped most of my symptoms, but my biggest problem was freezing. So after DBS , still have a difficult time walking due to my freezing episode.

  • I had Clear Point DBS done 2 months ago with immediate improvement with walking & moving much easier. Still have some "fine tuning" to do. So nice to not need a walker or cane 90% of the time.

  • Yes! It certainly does. As of September 15th 2014 I'm bilateral STN/DBS. The first implant install was over a year ago at Baptist Hospital Winston-Salem, NC. Dr. Haq is my neurologist and Adrian Laxton my neurosurgeon.

    My therapy for PD includes DBS, Sinemet 25/100 4 times daily, and Mucuna Pruriens. Dr. Haq, knows about and well understands what MP is, how it works and indorses my use of it in the presence of the Sinemet (Carbidopa) to help it cross the blood brain barrier.

  • please tell me about MP which brand and dosage

  • I get my powder from Amazon along with my 00 size gelatin capsules. I usually make up several hundred capsules about every 3 weeks.

  • I have bad tremors from

    a stroke I had a year ago and I have a very difficult time walking. But that's it. Can u tell me if DBS would help me walk. I had an Anoxic brain injury.

    Thank u!!

  • The answer isn't as simple as what you've asked. The introduction of stimulation to the brain is the way DBS works. If you have tremor, and helping you control your tremors aids you in being ambulatory, then there's a chance it'll work.

  • I have PIGD form of Parkinsons I to form of Parkinson's I too have no tremors . I'm beginning to lose my ability to walk and everything where is painful in the morning. They are scheduling me for DBS surgery October 12, 2017 why neurologist says you can help me what was your result?

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