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Generic Drugs

I have been taking the same drugs for a few years. I take Stalevo, Ropinerole, Trihexyphenidyl and half Sinemet CR. These have worked well for me. However, my GP has advised that they intend to change my Ropinirole tablet with a tablet called Repinex XL This appears to be the generic trade name and the tablets are said to be same as Ropinerole.

I was wondering whether anyone had had experience of taking this tablet, including side effects. It appears to be a larger tablet than Ropinerole and I should imagine could cause problems for people with choking problems.

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Court i have had a few generics of RopineroleXL and i havent noticed any difference. A small number of people dont get on with a generic because of the carry substance which may be different. Sometimes generics do not work as effectively, sometimes more effectively. I don't expect you will have problems but it is possible.


Requip XL is a slow release for of Ropinerole. I had a couple of side effects from taking the cheaper Ropinerole and was then prescribed XL which was much better - no nausea and less fatigue. However, my neurologist did say that it had to be the Smith Kline version and not some cheap Greek alternative so obviously a lot depends on the origin of the tablets you are taking. Good luck. Dizzy60

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Hi Court

I now get, what started off as Requip XL, a drug called Spiroco XL. I cannot say I have noticed any impact although I do know one PwP whose chemist (pharmacist) ensures she only gets the brand drug


My PD doesn't like generic drugs. I know "They" say the drugs are the same but my system does not work well with them. I was falling allot and sitting around waiting for them to work. Has the doctor said WHY? the change. I d be interested in the reason why to change something that works. My system even reacts to the change of time, fall back an hour in November and spring ahead an hour in April. Good luck!! Also a tip --I discovered if my shoes are wider I walk better. Seems the tighter they are I roll my feet and then fall. Helps not be in a hurry!


Hi Court,

Just returned to the site after an extended absence. Good to see that you are still doing "well".


Hi Ronn. Lovely to see your name appear after such a long time. We go back a long way. It is not often that I see a name I know. I am not good at the moment (trouble with balance). Down but not out. Still fighting, though it gets harder as time goes on. Please keep in touch.



Hello Court,

I too was worried about changing from Requip XL to Repinex XL but don't seem to have

noticed any difference over several months. Reason for change I believe is cost as

Repinex is vastly cheaper for NHS. The pill is slimmer somehow and seems to slip

down easily enough.

Wishing you well



HI I take pramipexole , in increasing doses since diagnosis in 2010. Now 1.57mg. This year the chemist had trouble getting Mirapexin, the branded version, and gave me Oprymea, a generic type. I quickly felt muzzy headed and had a rash on my trunk but persevered, because I thought I didn't have a choice. However when I spoke to my Neurologist he said it was changed because the Mirapexin was twice the cost of the Oprymea and .at my request, my GP changed the prescription to read Mirapexin. The unpleasant symptoms have disappeared and I feel much better. I checked the contents and there was a difference.

I also take Azilect , rasagline, both medications are Dopamine Agonists.


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