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Mobility Aid Design Project

Hi !

I am a student product designer and I am currently starting a project to help improve mobility for elderly people.

I am looking to find out about elderly people that have mobility aids and how they think the product is failing. E.g My rollator is hard to turn.

Or if anyone has an mobility problems in general, that they or a person they know faces, on a daily basis, and wish there was a solution to it, then it would be great to hear about them.

Thanks :)

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I have a problem turning in bed so my husband installed one of those triangles suspended from the ceiling which I can reach and turn my body. we saw them used in the hospital beds.

I have a special stool/bench/kneeling device all-in-one to work in my garden. One way it is a bench to sit on, upside down it is a pad to kneel on. Keeps my back from hurting while I do some of my garden chores.


Thanks for your comment, it is a great help.


Where (country and locality) are you based? You may benefit from meeting my support group.


Hi I am based in Scotland, UK, if you are near by ?


Unfortunately we're in England, near Wimbledon.


i just erased my great idea.


My husband has a good sized, bottom weighted walker, UStep. I have to have one hand under his arm pit and another on the walker. Part of that is to steer because his vision is so limited. But he kind of sways from side to side and the walker tips over, also when turning.

Also toilets are a problem. If I don't hold him til he sits, he plops, often breaking the wax seal. I've had to put new seal on five times. We do have rails.

I don't leave his side now, but some of his earlier falls were when he first stood up from lift chair or car seat, his foot wasn't positioned correctly for balance. Not something teachable evidently.

Stairs are a huge issue. He has learned, with many reminders to face the wall and drop one foot and then the other. Depends on if going up or down and if rail is on right or left side. We are getting chair lift, but that is a huge expense.

Thanks for your interest in this subject. Jill and Tal


Its great to hear about your personal experience in this area. I am looking to design a better inside walker so your comment is very helpful.

I am sure you have heard about the different toilet aids, but one that I seen recently that might help is the raised toilet seat : Raised/dp/B0056PTMZS/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1413550339&sr=8-3&keywords=toilet+seat+aid

Thanks again.


The rolling carts are hard to fold up plus the wheels on mine need to be smaller they don't turn well. I also need something to help me turn over bed and some thing to help me stand up when needing to get out of bed and walk to the bathroom. Bathroom stools are a huge problem when to low they are the pits. That is just a couple thoughts.


Thanks for your comment. The rolling cart is something that I was looking into as well, and maybe some sort of inside rollator that was less intrusive, could possibly help people get out of bed easily.


Thank you the more we can do for ourselves the less help is needed.


How about making them more attractive in design and colour..the brown and grey devices and are an eyesore in the house and wold depress You....sorry for rant and I know should be grateful..but really?


No, I completely agree. I think the design is a big part and I will definitely take your comment on board.

Thank you.


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