Problems chewing food and swallowing

My husband had 3 trips to the ER from "aspiration pneumonia" which resulted in a barium swallow test, and swallowing strategies to help him swallow without choking. He should have addressed the chewing issues a year or so ago because he has lost 50 lbs from not wanting to eat. His doctors all noticed the weight lossbut no one said anything about it. Finally, I asked him to see a nutritionist which really helped because we now have goals to reach for him to gain some of that weight back. The problem I have is with food preparation. He is using Ensure Plus twice a day as supplements to whatever he can chew, but there is a lot of sugar in some of these products. I add a tablespoon of cashew or almond butter to the smoothie, and powdered egg protein to pump up his calorie intake. I add baby food meats and a tablespoon of tahini to the organic soups that I buy from Wegmans Does anyone have any other suggestions for high calorie, healthy pureed foods that are NON DAIRY. For some reason, dairy seems to creat more mucus, which aggravates the choking.

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  • Based on my exp loosing large part of my weight, I suggest adding carbohydrates using a high quality blender to puree the vegetables and or gruel

  • Thanks for the info. Husband has to intake at least 2000 calories a day to gain weight. Between choosing high calories foods and trying to cater to the Sinamet requiements, eating as much as he needs is difficult! I do puree fruits/veggies, etc into soups and he eats mashed potatoes, etc, but he's eating almost all day. We would love to find a couple of very high calorie ,healthy, organic drinks that we could take on the road. I've only found one and not sure how healthy it is. The Boost VHC Vanilla liquid has 530 calories per 8 oz. and we've ordered from Amazon. Will report on that later

  • You can to swollowing therapy offered by Speech Therapist

  • Thanks for the reply. My husband does have effective strategies for swallowing that work for liquids and pureed foods. He has difficulty and gets very tired chewing food and moving it to the back of his throat. A small meal can take over and hour, so he prefers pureed soups, etc. It's been a struggle to find the most nutritious, high calories foods that can be pureed into somethuing that tastes good.

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